Ads #86: The Saturday Evening Post (Feb 14, 1953)

Here are some ads I have scanned from the Valentine's Day issue of The Saturday Evening Post 1953. Behold the wonder of decaf, the wholesome power of oats, the glory of grippie underwear, and the splendor of decorative fridge covers...

Man, this family sure is photogenic garglers.  I especially love the shot of dad coming home with the dreaded disease...

"Jimmy and Susie, run to your rooms and get under beds.  Not another word - make haste!"

I don't doubt it's comfortable as your birthday suit, but do we really need to zoom in on the butt crack region?  That could get dicey.

Politically incorrect but still a nice illustration.  I really appreciate how these old advertisements used real painted artwork.  Remember Salvatore from Mad Men?

"truly femineered refrigerators" - that's a word I'm going to have to remember.

Man, where have you been all my life, oats?  Who knew it was the answer to all of life's problems?

I'll bet this ad was illustrated by Frank Frazetta.

When I was a kid, I had a Lil Abner compilation and I must have read it a thousand times.  The stories were so-so, but the artwork was breathtaking.

Don't be like this guy and end up naked and living in a box.  Get insurance.

It's amazing - the picture on the television is more lifelike than the people watching it!


  1. Do you like my apartment? Why thank you, I femineered it myself.

    Yea, that is a word I need to work more into my job.
    Wonder why it fell out of fashion.

    1. And Masculineered doesn't have near the ring. I'm jealous.

  2. I'd love to have that IH fridge with that featured cover on it. Manly because it's an IH. Classy because of the cool artwork.

    I really wish people would stop pointing out when something might not be "politically correct". Big deal. The kid's just playing cowboys and indians like millions of kids did for decades. We all know the hippies will make it clear when *they* think something is wrong. The rest of us will ignore them and go on like normal people. Not bitching at you specifically, Gilligan, just the world as a whole. If people stop pointing out that PC is a thing, maybe it will go away.