Kid Stuff #22: SuperMag (Vol.4, No.6) 1980

I can't look at anything with Robin Williams without feeling sad.  Maybe it'll wear off, but for now, I get a tinge of sadness which prevents me being able to really laugh at his stuff the way I used to.

But enough of this melancholy.  I loved these SuperMags when I was in school - and looking at them really takes me back.  As I recall, I ordered them from school book orders (along with Dynamite).  Looking at them now, they're not as wonderful as I remember, but still worth a quick walk down memory lane...

That is actually kind of odd that Robin played Andy Kaufman's grandma(?)... and can you say, "shades of Mrs. Doubtfire"?

I'm sorry, but that is a terrible picture of the mega-fox Pam Dawber on roller skates.

"This is the year of the kid actor: Adam Rich, Gary Coleman, and Ricky Schroder....", but I sure don't remember James Bond the Third.

James Bond III would go on to write, direct and produce the horror 'classic' Def by Temptation (1990).

Florida is definitely over represented here.

Suddenly, I'm craving bacon.

I have a few more SuperMag issues I plan on scanning.  So, stay tuned for more.  Nanu-Nanu.


  1. Pam Dawber was/is such a BABE!

    1. K PencheMay 27, 2016

      I like long-hair,tight jeans Pam more than hair-up. Tammy Bakker-shoulder pads Pam, which curdles my Activia.

  2. That's a new one for me. I only had Dynamite and Bananas.

    Jeez, nothing made kids like that James Bond III look dumber than that shape glasses hanging way down on their nose.

    1. Does anybody remember PIZZAZZ, the would-be Dynamite and Bananas published by Marvel Comics circa 1977, '78? They would advertise it in the comic books, but I could never find a copy anywhere.

      James Bond III is a new name to me as well (THE FISH THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH has thus far eluded me), but missing from your list of child stars of that era was Robbie Rist, the infamous Cousin Oliver of BRADY BUNCH and a few early eps of BIONIC WOMAN.

      PS: I see "YOGA-1" among the "super-silly" license plates. Yoga is so mainstreamed nowadays I don't think it would rate a second glance.

  3. Retro HoundMay 27, 2016

    I still have a bunch of these. http://www.retrohound.com/supermag-kids-magazine-from-the-1970s/#.V0j21ORyNs8 Amazingly, this blog post still has the pictures. Most of my pics were vaporized when the picture host closed.