Magazines #52: McCall's (March 1969)

Here's a bunch of pages from a 1969 issue of McCall's.  No articles (nothing in here interested me), just ads and fashion... but that's enough for me.  Enjoy.

Man, would these "Moon Drops" happen to contain lysergic acid?

Safety tip of the week: Make sure you're well grounded before digging in to Village Inn's paella.

The Jones' need to call a freakin' Uber; they're not crashing on my new couch.  That's for damn sure.

Hm.  While on your period, maybe consider not being ladylove.

Blankets, pillows and other bed linens sold separately.

Embrace the TV dinner - eat it right out of the tin... IMHO the only way to eat a Salsbury steak.

I can't help it - the "folded fluff filling" sounds delicious.

This issue of McCall's contains several pages of Sears advertising.  And what the hell is a Neatnik?

My favorite browns: "Misty Morn" and "Ginger Spice"

Man, her mother-in-law must be a real treat; a few stains in the sink and it's the end of the friggin' world.

A few pages from the fashion spread....

These definitely seem to be from the Mary Richards Collection


  1. A Neatnik is someone compulsively neat. Neat + the Russian suffix -nik as in Sputnk and beatnik.

  2. Great stuff. Great captions. And man, that Moon Drops photo is, well, only one word can describe it… tits!

  3. K PencheMay 05, 2016

    1969 issue with "Ten 1966 Hairstyles"? Next month will be "Are miniskirts dangerous enough to ban?"

  4. Didn't women need to by console televisions or stereos in 1969? After all, they'd usually decide what kind to get, according to the decor of the living room.

  5. AnonymousMay 08, 2016

    I gaze at Ms. Ladylove in the Cotex ad and I reminded of the opening titles for "Diamonds Are Forever"...
    I always enjoy the soft, earth-tone natural lighting so prevalent in this period, found in the first two fashion plates. No flash-bulbs were harmed in the shooting of those photos.