Needlework A-Go Go #39

Coming to you from The Year of the Cosby Sweater, 1985, is a pattern book from Bramwell yarns.  Are you ready for an overdose of teased hair, high waisted pants and puffy sleeves? We won't judge you if you decide it's just too much 80s for one sitting.

She just looks really really tired.  

God, 80s fashions could be so terrible.

A few more drinks, and these two will be ready to party.

Is it just me, or is her hand edging a bit too close for a yarn brochure?

Is it Danish porn or a sewing pattern booklet?  Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.


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  2. '80's fashions terrible? My God, man, it is your job to offer those damsels in distress your assistance in ditching those heinous duds.

  3. Those models scare me. Especially the blonde with the fake smile. There's something psycho in those eyes.

    1. Maybe the look comes from being in almost everyone of the pics?

  4. Wow, the Beverly Goldberg look was really popular back then.