Opinions and Rants #45: Is It Any Wonder?

It's been a couple years; we're long overdue for another rant.  This is basically a reflection on why certain things have gone south today.  Not an empirical, historical look, but rather a ranting, tubthumping look... but no less valid, in my view.

Grab, a beer, pull up a chair, and have a listen to a good old fashioned, 'what's wrong with this world' speech....

With the nuclear family dismantled, is it any wonder we've lost our way?

I mean, friends and social media (and sites like this!) are great - but a cohesive family is perhaps most important of all.  In the wake of the 1970s, divorce became the new normal, and "family time" became an antiquated concept in most homes.

The thing is, your family is where you get your identity, your support, your values.... when it's gone, friends, social media, and popular culture fills the void, and that's often not a good thing.  In Western Europe where they're not even having enough kids to replace the population, the families are gradually shrinking into nothingness.

Don't get me wrong - some families suck.  Some families do more harm than good.  But it's okay to talk in generalities... in fact, you have to talk in generalities in issues like this; getting hung up on the "not all" principle and focusing on exceptions does nothing but derail the conversation.

So, in general terms, the dissolution of the family unit has not been a good thing.  Its vacuum has subsequently been filled by unhealthy shallow replacements... or it's not been filled at all, leaving very empty inner-lives.

With gender norms dismantled, is it any wonder there's gender confusion?

Let me say this right off the bat: I support equal rights for gays, I am of the belief that homosexuality, as a general rule, is genetic (with, perhaps, external stimuli which can favor a pathway).  I have absolutely zero issues with the gay population.  Life is too short for me to worry about someone else's sexual proclivities.  Not my business.

I'm talking about the gender confused, the significant portion of our population who doesn't know what the f**k they are.  Worse, men are emasculated, women are victims, and men and women are triggered into rabid seizures over gender specific pronouns... what the hell has happened?

The fact is we are biologically different.  To deny this is as blind as denying the earth is round.  But you know what? - it's okay.  It really is.

In fact, it's actually kind of nice that men and women are different.  We each bring something special and unique to the table.  Best of all, when you're okay with being a male, or you're okay with being a female, there's a certain self-satisfaction, a certain contentedness, that comes with it.

And this leads into my next rant...

When all men are painted as semi-retarded pricks, is it any wonder a healthy, solid relationship is hard to come by these days?

If you take a moment to listen to what's coming out of universities these days, and rapidly washing over the unmatriculated masses, you'll notice that the clarion call is: all men are sexist douchebag rapists.  Women need to rise above these subhuman motherf***ers and bring in a new wave of enlightenment, free from their testosterone-corrupted ways.

Here's the problem - let's assume they're right: all men are moronic pigs - where does that leave us as a species?  Is this mentality a recipe for strong happy relationships, or a recipe for conflict and lifelong angst?

When women are "the oppressed" and men "the oppressors", is it any wonder human sexuality just isn't fun anymore?

Amid this hostile culture, men are pressured to emasculate themselves and become self-hating wimps. Again - not exactly a recipe for happy relationships.  When the relationship between males and females is boiled down to "oppressors" and "the oppressed", can you see that we've kind of boiled out the fun?  Maybe lightening up a little and just enjoying being a guy, and being a girl would do wonders.

My message to the fellas - it's freaking okay to be a guy.  Even a gay guy.  It really is okay.  No one is going to die when you announce that you are a happy, content, and  well adjusted guy.  Sure, some radical feminists may emit shrill cries and tell you you're a bastard... but it really will be fine.

And, who knows? Maybe you may meet some hot babe who's just as content being a girl as you are a guy.  Stranger things have happened.

When we think promiscuity is always okay, is it any wonder guys have learned they get the milk for free?

In the 1970s, western society experimented with sexual freedom in a way that more-or-less erased the taboo of frequent, indiscriminate sex. But - and this is a big BUT - they were not stupid and naive enough to believe this was in any way a step toward long term relationships.  Whether it was key parties or hot tub orgies, there wasn't a delusion that this was the path toward marriage or stable relationships.  That is what they were rebelling against - they were casting aside traditional relationships, not looking for them!

Somehow, in 2016, people think f***ing is step one on a path towards a traditional relationship, something meaningful.  [Sure, sometimes it is, but, again, you have to talk in generalities when dealing with issues; getting hung up on exceptions and the "not always" fallacy will kill discussions straight away.]  Without the goal of sex, you've removed one of the motivations to pursue the often difficult path towards a monogamous long term relationship.  This is common sense: you've removed a reward, erased an incentive... is it any wonder long term relationships are hard to come by these days?

Now, I'm not saying we all need to be virgins on our honeymoon.  Have all the sex you want - I don't care. But just don't be stupid enough to believe that sex is Step A on a path towards a relationship.  If sex is your Step A, you will never get to Step B.

When spirituality is dead, is it any wonder we've settled into shallow, empty materialism?

Look, no one hates preachy judgemental assholes more than me.  Don't you dare tell me what I should and should not believe.  If I want to be a goddamn atheist - then, who are you to tell me I can't?  Who are you to tell me I'm wrong and judge me?  F**k off.

But here's the rub:  If I want to be a goddamn Catholic - then, who are you to tell me I can't?  Who are you to tell me I'm wrong and judge me?  F**k off.

We've created a culture (Europe in particular) where believing in a higher power is seen as backward and laughable.... in other words, it's judged, it's condescended to.  And heaven forbid, I choose to believe in a higher power AND choose to connect with that higher power within a group - that's, that's,... that's (gulp) organized religion! (shudder)

Face reality, folks.  If you're not going to be a part of an organized religion or believe in a deity, then at least realize that emptiness needs to be filled with something meaningful.  All the sex and X-Box games in the world aren't going to fill that void over the long haul.

I'm not going to go into an argument for or against the existence of God.  In fact, let's presume, Nietzsche was absolutely correct - there's nothing beyond the material world.  The answer is not, then, to believe in nothing... you'll become Camu's Stranger, Dostoevsky's Raskolnikov.  It's a sad, tiresome, useless existence.  You'll follow your primal urges for gratification, but in the end, life's a bore.

You can pat yourself on the back for your 'enlightenment', but unless you find something existentially important to believe in, you'll be empty,, angry, and lack conviction or inner-peace.

Oh, and by the way, believing in your own enlightenment, and the inferiority of Christians, doesn't count as existentially important.

With all these hang-ups is it any wonder we're losing our mojo?

I'll end with this (although, I have much more to say, so stay tuned for part two).

When we're so sensitive that we're triggered into sanctimonious rages over offensive language or oppositional perspectives, life is going to be nothing but a giant gut wrenching stress ball.  Chill the f**ck out.

When guys and girls are bullied into gender mis-identities against their natural condition, it's going to lead to confusion and lifelong relationship trainwrecks.  Be a guy, be a girl and move on, goddammit.

When women expect a blow job to be the start of something lasting, they're going to be in for a rude awakening. How about, if your endgame is a long term relationship, try not f***ing when you first meet?  Just try it once.

Get some meaning to your empty, shitty life - whether that be religion or medicine or nature.  And don't judge what other people choose.  Get over yourself - you're not special.

And last but not least, ENJOY YOUR LIFE.  Social Justice Warriors, put down your self-righteous signs and buckets of fake period blood, and pick up a nice cold Budweiser or a glass of Scotch. Take a deep breath, grab a girl or guy, and have some fun. Life ain't so bad.  And, yes, maybe people are acting stupid or insensitive around you.... but that's the beauty of humanity - we all make mistakes, we all act stupid and insensitive from time to time, and we're all doing the best we can.


  1. Well done, Gilligan!

  2. Excellent rant. I think you would agree popular opinion of these issues has done a 180 in the last 50 years. Your view puts you (and me since I agree) in the minority.

  3. These people are imbeciles. Last week I attended Barnard's College's commencement at Radio City Music Hall. The commencement speaker, whose name I won't even mention but was a prominent government official in Obama's administration, was booed loudly by the extremely rude student body as well as by many of their friends and families. Her crime? She is white.

    The speaker's first comment was to apologize to the student body for being a white female and for being a product of "white privilege." I'm not making this up.

    It didn't get any better. And this was after several student speakers who denounced Israel and the United States, particularly what they referred to repeatedly as America's white power structure.

    The whole event would have been comical if it wasn't for the fact that this school has one of highest tuition rates in the country. I can't imagine why any parent would send their daughter there.

    1. voiceofthe70sMay 21, 2016

      I thank God (if one is still allowed to say that) that I went to college in the 70s, when colleges and universities were still synonymous with free speech. One went to college to be challenged, to expand and grow, to hear opinions unlike one's own, and, yes, to even be frightened now and again. I wouldn't last five minutes in today's schools with their puritanical speech codes, "safe spaces", "microagressions", "trigger warnings", etc.

    2. A disturbing story, and unfortunately not a unique story. Censorship is happening at universities everywhere. Thank God there was still free speech when I went to college (many decades ago). And I must admit, I throw up a little in my mouth every time I hear the term "white privilege". Even if it were true, what exactly do these people expect me to do about it? Give them all my money and kill myself?.... Don't answer that.

  4. Wow--some good comments here. What a great post Gilligan, I always thought you were an excellent writer and your so-called rants were always my favorite part of Retrospace. And I have to admit this one was a sorta wake-up call for me (in regards to how I look at people who keep the faith).

  5. I don't really agree with you--either that the world has gone to shit or your reasons why. But everybody should play more Pivot Pool (picture two). It was a definite highlight of my childhood--though I'm pretty sure I never once played it with my parents.

    1. Well I don't think the world has gone to shit - I said in the end that 'life ain't so bad' - in fact, life is pretty damn good. I guess I'm saying there's problems... and if they aren't dealt with, then things really could turn to shit.

      As far as pivot pool is concerned - on this, my friend, we totally agree. Played the hell out of some pivot pool as a kid.

  6. G'day mate, well said! I totally agree! You dare to speak the truth with common sense in a world where common sense has largely disappeared!

  7. AnonymousMay 22, 2016

    I've liked your blog for a long time. That said, I couldn't disagree with you more about nearly every word you've written in this post. Even the conjunctions. Kinda disappointed. Sorry, fella.

  8. AnonymousMay 22, 2016

    I've also liked your blog for a long time, and also disagree with much of your rant here, Gilligan.

    Anyhow, looking forward to part two, and I might save further comment until then.

    Thanks for all your cool posts. All the best.


    1. This sort of comment gives me hope. You disagree, but aren't angry or triggered. Once upon a time people could have different opinions and still get along and have a good time. Looks like there are still people out there that understand that's what makes life great is the diversity of opinions - not every one is alike, not everyone shares the same view - and that's okay. That's not only okay - it's totally cool.

      Thanks Gordon. I'm happy you disagree and are still kind enough to compliment and wish me the best. Back at you!

  9. AnonymousMay 22, 2016

    I agree with everything in your rant. When someone writes Trump on a sidewalk at a college and the student body freaks out, becomes scared, and cries, something is wrong how we are raising our offspring. How are they going to fair when they go out in society on their own? Yes, free speech is officially dead at most universities. The new mantra is my way or the highway. Nick

    1. They don't 'freak out' they get mad. And btw, defacing an institution's sidewalk with the name of confirmed bigot in the middle of the night and then not owning up to it is the move of a little wuss, and has nothing to with free speech, but you know - facts.

    2. Yes, they do freak out. Overly sensitive hippies will do that. Deface? How does chalk deface anything?

  10. K PencheMay 22, 2016

    I can appreciate the sentiment, though "Social Justice Warrior" is the new right-wing "Dirty Hippie". Likewise, illustrating points with pictures of 70s so-called decadence to show How Far We've Fallen falls in line with right-wing religious tracts. Is Yeoman Lowbrow really so tired of miniskirts and sexploitation films that he renounces his profession?

    1. I think you may be misinterpreting the purpose of my pictures. The miniskirt? The chicks in the pool? Those were the good times. Love me some sexploitation as well - that'll never change.

      I hate the evangelical right wing that condemns high hemlines and adult content in films.... just as I hate the feminist SJW's who do the exact same thing (it objectifies women). And if I don't use the term "SJW", which I agree is purposefully derogatory, what term shall I use? Even George Harrison called them "dirty hippies" BTW when he visited the Haight.

    2. K PencheMay 22, 2016

      I stand corrected/chastised, though I still refuse to bathe.

  11. Amen to the rant - surprised to see it here and not on the likes of Return of Kings, but I guess it's going around. Things are getting weird out there and people are getting softer and softer - it's only a matter of time until something breaks and all the haters have to fall back on what created the luxuries they take for granted now (the hated average Joe working man).

    I also refuse to bathe.

  12. I agree with your conclusions on all your major points. I believe that the current state of affairs as concerns religion/spirituality), gender roles, sex, the family...is a result of over-compensation for the sins/mistakes of the past. The pendulum was bound to swing towards anything goes - in the western democracies anyway. Since the old ways ended up allowing for the Nazis, depression, oppression, communism, racism to the point of lynching's - you name it...The reaction was bound to be extreme - a let's reboot the whole social system mindset. Of course in many ways western society is better - some are less oppressed, some have more opportunity, some are treated more fairly - on the other hand, it is as you say it is for many of us, particularly for the millennials. Overall I conclude, that we are better off than when we accepted religious bigotry, white supremacy and unchallenged male headship. I can just hope - dare I say pray - that the pendulum will swing back...wait I take that back, I hope we dump the pendulum all together in exchange for common sense and a spirit of fair play from all parts of the human (political, social, religious) spectrum.

  13. Retro HoundMay 22, 2016

    #1. I am too special! Just not so special that I look down on anyone, but special enough that I'm content in who I am.

    #2. You said "Goddamn Catholic." That's funny, because a Catholic wouldn't be damned by God.

    #3. I agree with a lot of what you said.

  14. Fucking gender confusion needs to go back into the closet. There will always be moronic parents out there who don't know how to raise proper boys and girls. But that doesn't mean the rest of the world has to fucking kowtow to or put up with their idiotic mistakes. Boys need toy guns and toy GI Joes and toy cars. Girls need toy dolls and dress-up clothes. Period.

    About the only thing I'll disagree with here is the religious point. I'll make fun of religious people because believing in that shit is 100% illogical. The universe is science. Period.

  15. AnonymousMay 22, 2016

    Death of Nuclear Family: America is the land of the pre-nup agreement and home of the no-fault divorce. We have been working for generations to destroy the Nuclear Family at the first sign of offence instead of trying to make it work. The original version of The Women dwelt on this issue, and that show was a hit in the early 1930s.
    I cannot speak to the gender-identity issue.
    "When all men are painted as semi-retarded pricks..."
    This isn't new. men have always been painted as either jerks or man-children, which can be expected when a certain group grows up in an atmosphere of entitlement and privilege based entirely upon their sex. it's just that nowadays women don't have to put up with that anymore. And the man-children cannot adapt.
    Any woman who goes around and identifies any man as an "oppressor" is not worth putting up with. And these kinds of women are not the crushing majority of females that some might imagine.
    "When we think promiscuity is always okay..."
    This complaint is interesting because (1) in the old fashioned, traditional mentality, promiscuous men were studs, but promiscuous women were sluts. The Sexual Revolution only leveled the playing field in that respect. And (2) trading sex for affection or a relationship is an ancient female tactic, and was always the most reliable, traditional way for getting a man to stay around. And Gilligan even confesses it: one of the major engines for men getting monogamous is a guarantee of free nookie when wanted. And portraying men as shallow jerks is wrong again, how..?
    Spirituality in America has always been materialistic in nature, with the church used as a rationalization tool to justify the avarice and greed and cruelty. Slavery, Manifest Destiny, Prosperity Doctrine, tax-free millionaire preachers, Gospel-based stock tips. Well-to-do churchgoers hating on the poor, reviling beggars, and wallowing in the Protestant Work Ethic while declaring themselves faithful apostles of Christ, with all evidence to the contrary. Atheism is on the rise because of the poor performance of the church, not because of some evil liberal agenda. And folks again are realizing they don't have to put up with that crap.
    "With all these hang-ups is it any wonder we're losing our mojo?"
    Does Gilligan honestly think our society is invincible or immortal? Or that society and pop culture should stay stuck at exactly where he wants it, for a billion forevers? When America invaded Iraq, we ventured into the seat of ancient Babylon, that nation that was *THE* superpower of that region during Biblical times, for centuries. And what is left of that mighty empire? A few carvings and one or two ziggurats. The time will come, when America's greatness will be viewed just as quaint.

    1. "Portraying men as shallow jerks is wrong again, how..?" Because wanting to have sex is does not make you shallow, it makes you human. It allows for the continuation of the species. AND, as I'm sure you must know, women want to have sex too.

      It's when you ONLY want to have sex and have no desire for the other benefits of being in a relationship that I suppose you could be called shallow - but that's pretty normal for youth.

      Also, my point wasn't that promiscuity is inherently wrong. Promiscuity with an expectation of building a relationship is inherently naive. You yourself said women have been playing this card for ages - Because it works! Now that that card is no longer played, we shouldn't be surprised at the outcome.

      Lastly, in no way do I think our society is invincible or immortal? Since when is it wrong to point out the cracks in the foundation and try to mend them? It may be in vain, but it's not wrong to try.

    2. AnonymousMay 23, 2016

      Wanting to have sex does not make you shallow at all. But when so many men have said out loud that the only reason they get married is to get free booty on demand, where is the need or demand for a "meaningful relationship"? Why do you think places from classic Men's Clubs and strip clubs to all kinds of manly sub-cultures are filled with men with golden bands on their fingers? They're trying to get away from their wives. The classic French Foreign Legion trope is not entirely fiction.
      And as for wanting sex and nothing but sex from a relationship being the province of youth. It should be that, but when you have men of mature years, sporting grey hair, golden bands and "respectability", still running around trying to be studs and players, there is an issue.
      "Bigamy is having one wife too many. Monogamy is the same."
      -- Oscar Wilde
      Even super-milquetoast conservative bigwig George Will confesses that marriage is unnatural, especially for men.
      The problem with pointing out cracks is that one man's crack in the foundation is another's opening of opportunity. Undermining the Status Quo is like undermining the Socialist Pyramid: is it truly, automatically a bad thing? America was founded on blowing things up, and indeed many of those freedoms and luxuries we all enjoy today were declared threats to everything from the Republic to God himself in their own youth. Instead of just railing in discomfort against change, perhaps one should stop and wonder what it is, that's making one uncomfortable.

  16. AnonymousMay 23, 2016

    Agree 100% with everything you stated. Well done!!

  17. "We are all products of irrational behavior" in other words nature!!

  18. White guilt social justice warrior white knight cuckolds are self-loathing pansies desperate to impress women in the hope that they can "shoulder" their way out of the friendzone into the panties of whatever cute college hipster chick they have their eyes on. Either that or they're closet cases who secretly hunger for big black cock. Meanwhile, feminists have taken liberalism and are now pushing it into outright fascist domination under the guise of "diversity" and "equality". And all of it is MANUFACTURED OUTRAGE designed to draw attention to themselves so they can line their pockets as I have written in my own article in the link I've posted below!!!FACT!!! http://247365hatemachine.blogspot.ca/2015/02/manufacturing-outrage-for-publicity-and.html