TV Guide #15: Feb. 26- Mar 4, 1977

Don't let this godawful cover fool you - this is a great issue.  Martha Raye looks like an angry Bea Arthur and Rock Hudson looks like a chubbier Bill Bixby... but never mind that.  This one's got ads for the infamous Brady Bunch variety show, Sly on Kojak, and best of all, Bigfoot!  Let's have a look...

The guy from Humanoids from the Deep must stop this pterodactyl!

As you'll notice from so many of these TV Guide posts - they are absolutely riddled with failed McLean Stevenson shows.

This is that famous episode of The Muppets with Vincent Price... who was evidently making the rounds, because he's also on The Brady Bunch Hour this week.

Forget Vegas - let's go to Elko, Nevada!

Man, those are some high waisted slacks!

Oh hell yes.  Big Foot and Nessie were the rage among 70s boys.

Jaclyn Smith vs. Telly Savalas vs. Grizzly Adams.  I'm all in!

Of all the years of my life, 1977 may be the year I watched TV the most.  Everything in this issue rings a bell.  Captain & Tennille a childhood favorite for all the awesome guest stars and musical acts (I remember England Dan & John Ford Coley well).

After The Exorcist, women and children were getting possessed left and right.

Okay, now that he's looking great in the wig - what to do about his eyebrows?

I never knew Sylvester Stallone was in an episode of Kojak.

A beautiful indictment against the 24 hour news channels that wouldn't rear their ugly head for years to come.

What can I say except - TV was f***ing awesome in '77.

Holy shit.  Words fail me.

I actually was really into the Chariots of the Gods schtick once upon a time.

I think I've mentioned this before: Around 1992 I got a hold of The Brady Bunch Hour on VHS of horrible quality - obviously taped off TV then copied a million times over.  It was so bad, it looked like a snuff film, like something illicit.... a grainy, wavy glimpse of this show that was just a faint memory.  The Brady Bunch Hour came and went, and wasn't thought about or spoken of for over a decade - did it really ever exist?  Before the Internet, it was a genuine question - you couldn't just Google or IMDb your question.  This VHS was proof it did exist, and my friends (and future wife) treasured every frame.


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