TV Guide #16: Aug 31-Sept 6, 1985

This issue's glorious cover promises to be an outstanding edition... but, alas, it's just a lame article on George Peppard, and it's the summer, so not much to be hyped about in terms of programming.

Still, we haven't yet ventured into the 1980s with our TV Guide posts, and there's plenty here of interest.  Let's have a look...

I never liked Moonlighting.  But then, I haven't tried to watch it in thirty years, so maybe my tastes have changed.

We are introduced to the 24-year old George Clooney, and up-and-comer on The Facts of Life.  Who would've guessed he'd become top of the A-List.

MTV VJs get a "jeer" for yammering during Live-Aid, and Jane Fonda owns two of the spots in the VHS top ten list.

This is well past the days when I could enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons.  "Rubik The Amazing Cube" "Dungeons & Dragons", "Mighty Orbots" - no thanks.  At least there's "Mr. Wizard's World" and a "Land of the Lost" rerun.

And this is why I still am a sucker for old horror flicks.  "The Children" and "Tales that Witness Madness" both are on this Saturday.

I loved "You Can't Do That On Television".  The jokes were bad, and the people Canadian - and yet I watched it.

Weird Al and Benny Hill, both on tonight.  Life was good this Tuesday night.

Dear God Hometown looks absolutely unbearable.

Be careful R2, I think that Retton girl is a Sith! How else, besides dark magic, can you explain that level of spunkiness?


  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2016

    Just a thank you for these posts - love them! Leslie.

    (And they are educational also - know I know who Newton Minnow is.)

    1. Thanks. And if Minnow thought TV was a vast wasteland, I wonder what he'd say about the internet....

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2016

    I remember well how the Vee-jays got flack for talking over the concert and mugging for the camera. We are not watching this trans-Atlantic concert to see you push your over-smiling face into the frame at every chance, Martha Quinn.
    Also, love the Vector supercar in the Vantage cancer-stick ad.

  3. Holy crap, those Last Writes are just painfully stupid and unfunny.

    I think this look at '80s TV proves that we should've stuck with the '70s.

  4. "Desperately Seeking Susan" $80 for the VHS tape ??????
    You have to be kidding me.
    It is amazing what they use to charge for mediocre movies on tape in the mid 1980s.
    Now you can get deluxe Blue Ray releases for $30 or less.

    I do miss the Cheers & Jeers though.

  5. A nice color photo of Jared Martin! I didn't even know he was on DALLAS. I always think of him as Harrison Blackwood on WAR OF THE WORLDS (another Canadian show, and way better than YOU CAN'T DO THIS ON TV). Oh, and of course Martin was outstanding in "The Phantom of the Roller Coaster" two-part WONDER WOMAN!

  6. Whatever happened to this George Clooney character? Sounds like he had a bright future ahead of him...