Vinyl Dynamite #65

Today's Vinyl Dynamite selections: Pufnstuf, the movie soundtrack, The Harrad Experiment featuring the vocal stylings of Don Johnson, and a Starland Vocal Band record.


"Different" by Mama Cass

"Zap the World"

"If I Could"

I've never actually seen The Harrad Experiment, so I guess I can't judge.  But it seems like a self-important mess trying to be controversial.  It's about sexual experiments at a university where students are encouraged to "try things"

One of those students happens to be Don Johnson, who, unfortunately, sings a couple songs on this LP.  They're awful.

"It's Not Over" by Don Johnson

"A Bird in the Hand" - a pretty groovy instrumental

Everyone knows and loves that cheesy, yet oh-so-graphically-sexual "Afternoon Delight"... but how many of you have actually sat down and given an entire record by the Starland Vocal Band a whirl?

"Afternoon Delight" was such a hit, it spawned their own variety show (featuring David Letterman), but their follow up LP was an abysmal failure.  This record, 4X4, released in late 1979, didn't perform much better and would be their last (save a Christmas album), and the Danoffs would divorce a year after this record.

Turns out, the record isn't too bad.  For some reason, they're terrible when trying to sound like meaningful folk artists, but excel when they get dirty - "Love Stuff" is a respectably good pop song.

"Love, I Thought I Would Never Find Love"

"Love Stuff"

The album cover is autographed by someone named "Price" (who has quite the fancy signature) - the trouble is, no one in the band has that name.  So, no idea what that autograph is all about.


  1. Danoff and Nivert also co-wrote Take Me Home, Country Roads.

  2. AnonymousMay 31, 2016

    I can recall seeing the Harrad Experiment when it came to HBO (back when it was still Home Box Office). As with all the more adult fare, it was run late at night, adding to the clandestine feel of watching it while the rest of the house slept. I remember being somewhat bored and disappointed with the whole thing. Having lived through the end of the 60's hippy movement (yes even as a young person) I was already very familiar with the concept of open non structured relationships. Oh yeah, and as a nudie flick, it left a lot to be desired. Still, one scene stands out in memory, where the wife of the instructor is pursued by a student who, not getting the concept of the class, wants to have an affair with the lady in question as opposed to a shared open experience with her and her husband. I can still see it played out in memory, her grabbing him and saying, “lets do it right here, on the grass where everyone can see”, calling his bluff, and I remember thinking, “man, it's not about the sex, it's about the human connection!”.

    It was a disappointing film trying to appropriate a failed concept of the time.

  3. AnonymousMay 31, 2016

    The sole redeeming value to SVB's album is the cool backlit effects to the text on the cover.
    I'll also take this opportunity to congratulate Gilligan on this new kicking site design.