Wonder Woman: S2E11

Mind Stealers from Outer Space: Part 2 - December 9, 1977

Here is the continuation of the Wonder Woman two-parter. It's written by Stephen Kandel - a guy who wrote an unfathomable variety of TV episodes including the animated Star Trek, The Love Boat, Sea Hunt, McGyver, Vega$, Cannon, Batman, Dynasty, The Six Million Dollar Man, I Spy, and a ton more... so, you know it has to be good, right? Wrong.  .

(click here to refresh your memory and read Part I)

A quick recap: The Skrill have invaded earth; aside from their tinsel garlands accents, they are a deadly alien race.  They plan to capture human souls and use them for nefarious purposes - including keeping souls as pets (?)

They've enlisted the help of a few earthlings by controlling theit minds.  Above are a couple Skrill-possessed twins in high-waisted elephant pants.... and, worst of all, Vincent "Skrill" Van Patten....

Skrill Van Patten conjured up anow alien beast named Sardor to capture Wonder Woman. Fortunately, Andros (Dack Rambo), a good  upstanding alien, is there to save her.

Sardor and the bad aliens escape to an abandoned  building witj Andros and WW followin close behind...  but - IT'S A TRAP! The Skrill shoot yellow/red/white beams at the building  - and we get a taste of where TV special effects were at in 1977.

It should come as no surprise that WW and Andros survive.  Theyou literally just brush off the dust from a building falling on them, and stroll away.

Now, the Skrill take to capturing the souls of the "greatest" this planet has to offer.  One of the twins takes 'the worlds greatest sculptor' and Skrill Van Patten takes a senator.

One of the high waistline twins is about to possess a professor (played by Regis Cordic - voice of Manta and Apache Chief on The Superfriends), but WW saves him in the nick of time.

While sitting Indian style in Steve Trevor's office, Andros transports his essence back to his home world.  He appeals to the council to give him more time.  They deny his request and plan to eradicate the Skrill by sending a beam which will drive an estimated 2 million earthlings mad!

Let me pause for a moment to say 'This episode is a trainwreck'.  WW episodes can certainly be campy, but this is just cringeworthy.  I understand the nation was rabid for Star Wars, but I don't think Vincent Van Patten leading an army of ridiculous looking aliens to capture souls was what the people were craving.

We're only halfway through the episode at this point.  It's not over till it's over - there's still a chance for redemption.

And the WW cleavage gives me hope...

WW and Andros speak in front of the U.N.  They warn them that an alien 'decontamination' ray will be bombarding the planet and driving a percentage of the population mad.  Prepare accordingly.

That's quite a bombshell.  Ambassadors of the U.N.: you are not alone; aliens are here; they are taking over the planet; but another alien race is going to exterminate them; about two million inhabitants of earth will be driven mad.

Any questions?

The Skrill bum rush the U.N. and attack Andros.  Given that Dack Rambo would die a few years later of AIDS, this scene is more than a little sad.

Steve and Diana consult the supercomputer IRA for advice.  IRA says they only have one hope: WW needs to interrogate the captured Skrill girl.

Remember her?  She was with Van Patten in the woods when the Skrill possessed them in the previous episode.

With her Lasso of Truth, WW obtains information on the Skrill hideout - it's at an abandoned Maryland zoo.

In reality, the filming location is Griffith Park Zoo - a zoo in LA that closed in 1966.  It's been the location for several other TV shows including Starsky & Hutch and CHiPs, and the second Police Academy film.

No, WW and Sardor are not making sweet love (although that would've been more interesting) - it's the epic final battle.  Without the help of Andros (who, I guess was just dragging her down), WW manages to kill Sardor and lock the Skrill inside an animal cage - putting  to bed this two part episode with ease.

The Aftermath: Andros is restored to health, and he in turn brings Van Patten and the twins back to normal.  The Skrill are sent to a prison light years away - happy endings are had by all.... except, Andros who wants to take WW home with him.  She flat rejects his ass.

For a bit of final comedic relief, Diana visits IRA and it tells a cringy mess of a joke:  "Did you hear the one about the female computer?.... She miscalculated.  Ha, Ha, Ha..."

What?  I don't get it.  I suppose there's a joke in there about women being bad at math?  Yikes - that's plain awful.  But the scene does reveal that IRA has figured out her secret identity, so that could lead to something.

Overall, this two part series greatly under delivered.  The sci-fi element was woefully stupid.  Wonder Woman is better when it's on a smaller scale. Flitting from planet to planet, with good aliens, bad aliens, possessed teens, a Darth Maul beast, etc.... it's too much for a low budget TV episode. But it's worst offense: virtually none of the T&A/jiggle TV fans have grown   accustomed to. I'll never take it for granted again.


  1. Not sure how much jiggling was going on, but Wonder Woman's UN testimony certainly caught my eye.

  2. Tom LammersMay 21, 2016

    FEMALE computer. MISS-calculated.

    1. AH! Okay, I guess I'm a bit slow. The joke is just a little less terrible now.

  3. In that 2nd photo with the twins standing like over-styled apes, they kinda remind me of That '70s Show's Kitty. God that's a horrible look; the pants, the hair, the faces.