Vinyl Dynamite #68: Star Wars Moog

You couldn't construct a more blah cover if you tried.  Some airbrushed space ships would've been nice - but, no, we get plain white text on a plain blue background.

Album cover aside, this is actually a pretty interesting Star Wars relic.  I actually enjoy a good moog recording, and this has its moments.  It avoids being as bland as the cover and inserts some funky disco grooves along the way.  Anyone interested in Star Wars nostalgia should give this a listen.

Kid Stuff #23: SuperMag

As you'll recall from our last SuperMag post, we're talking about a magazine much akin to Bananas and Dynamite -  one geared towards middle school kids getting their reading material from school book orders.  Of course, we had other outlets to get our periodical fix - Pizzazz, MAD, Cracked, and Crazy  - but those weren't hand-delivered straight to your desk at school.  As your teacher passed out the orders, you eagerly awaited your stash of pop culture gold; all while your friend looked on with envy.  Ah, yes, a new issue of Dynamite with The Fonz on the front - livin' the dream!

Here are scans from a few 1981 issues of SuperMag.  Peruse them here, or download the full sized PDF.  You might want to create a Retrospace folder on your desktop - we've got a lot more sharity coming your way.  Enjoy!


Vintage Style #53: Pretty in Pink

Prepare for a procession of prepossessing peaches as we proudly present a parade of pleasurable pretties all in pink. Enjoy!


Wonder Woman S2E12

The Deadly Toys - Original Air Date: December 30, 1977

It's a Christmas episode (with precious little Christmas) about the world's deadliest weapon, androids, and murderous toys....and it's the last show of 1977. Let's watch...

Pulp Pages #10: 1970s Cronaca Vera

Ever heard of the Italian tabloid Cronaca Vera?  Me neither, but when I came across these amazing examples of pulp cheesecake, I knew I had to share.  You can download the whole lot in one PDF here, or just browse a selection below.

There's no nudity thanks to strategically placed headlines; however, I'm not sure you want to be ogling these pages at the office either. Cheers!


Tech #34: Men at Computers

At the end of Tech #33 - Women at Computers, I promised to provide some gender equality.  So, get ready for a motherload of sideburns 'n' SVGA, dudes 'n' dot matrix, bros 'n' BASIC... well, you get the idea.  Enjoy...

Opinions and Rants #46: Protest

As you've probably gathered, these Opinions & Rants posts aren't well researched essays with citations and plenty of hard evidence.  They're just me tubthumping armed with only about five decades of experience, and a watchful eye on what's going on in the world around me.

With that in mind, take it for what it's worth when I tell you that protesters today are not what they used to be.... in fact, they're kind of a joke....


Double Feature #33: Space Princesses Go To Earth

Escape from Galaxy 3 (1981)/ Princess Warrior (1989)

Tonight's Double Feature: Two 80s sci-fi movies about foxy space princesses who are pursued by an evil nemesis and must flee to a strange, far-off planet called Earth... and there they find the meaning of love. Enjoy.


Vintage Style #52: The Black Basque

Some of you may be wondering - what exactly is a basque?... and what's the difference between a basque and a corsette... and a bustier... and a torsolette....?  Yeah, it gets kind of confusing.

Don't bother googling it - that way lies madness. There are so many contradictory definitions, so many confusing explanations.  But have no fear, I will explain all... and provide a heaping helping of beautiful illustrations that will make your heart glad.

Vintage Scan #53: Bachelor's Beat (March 28, 1969)

Are you ready for another issue of Bachelor's Beat - the newspaper that chronicled the bachelor paradise that was the 1960s? When you pore through these pages, gazing upon a seemingly endless array of go-go girls, live music, and swingin' cocktail lounges, remember that this is just Scottsdale, Arizona!  It was a different world, my friend.  A different world.


Cinema #42: Name That Movie (Part 2)

Are your ready for round two?  Last time Lacey knocked it out of the park within the first few hours - so, you'll need to be quicker on the draw this time.  There are no prizes except for the deep personal satisfaction that comes with beating others.

As before, here are some obscure scenes from fairly obscure movies, all rendered to make identification even harder (and somehow strangely beautiful looking), and generally featuring the film's foxy lady.  This ain't the minor leagues, folks... there are some professional cult and B-movie experts among the ranks of Retrospace readers!

So, on your mark, get set.... GO!


Vinyl Dynamite #67: Nocturna - Granddaughter of Dracula (1979)

Imagine my joy when I came across this gem in a flea market dollar bin - it's the freakin' soundtrack to Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula!


TV Guide #19: May 8-14, 1982

I watched a lot of TV in '82, so this one brings back a lot of memories.  Plus, it's chock full of nice promo illustrations.  It's a good one to pore through - let's have a look...


Foxy Ladies #30: Girls 'n' Guns

Thirty Foxy Ladies posts in 8 years? I'm going to start upping my "Foxy Ladies" game here on Retrospace - that's my pledge to you.  And we're going to start with everybody's favorite combo: chicks and firearms.  Enjoy!


Vinyl Dynamite #66: Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay

Fight the Power!.... of tooth decay.  I've been enamoured by this strange LP for a long, long time.  I just find it weird that Sinatra, Ali, Ritchie Havens and Howard Cosell would team up in 1976 to make a record on tooth decay... and dedicate it to Lily Tomlin.  WTF?  Had they all been arrested and doing this out of community service?  I'm sure there's an explanation out there.

Anyway, here's the record in its entirety.  I've divided it into tracks; however, the record has no defined tracks.  Fair Warning: This album can be barely tolerable - the poor acting, the ridiculous story, etc.  I promise, the novelty will wear off before you've reached the third track.


Double Feature #32: Satansploitation

Satan's Blood (1978)/ Nuda per Satana (1974)

I've discussed this many times before: The 70s were awash in the occult. From The Exorcist to astrology to Anton LeVay's celebrity satanism - the occult vibe permeated throughout pop culture.  Attribute it to the war, or maybe a generation lost and looking for answers... whatever the reason, the occult was big in the 1970s and didn't begin to phase out until the disco era wound down and our cultural mindset got a lot less introspective, and a lot more materialistic.

Into this world came the exploitation film, always quick to seize the zeitgeist and take it to the extreme.  Europe was particularly adept at grabbing the satanism fad and lending a very dark and intrinsically evil vibe to their movies.  Britain's Dennis Wheatley and Hammer productions released their fare share of satanic pop culture to the masses, but it was the European continent and Mexico/Latin America that really brought the satanic mojo to its demonic limit.

I've got a whole stack of satanic sleaze, and we'll start things off with a couple of the sleaziest Europe had to offer.  So, sprinkle yourself with holy water and grab your rosary because we're about to walk down a dark and sinister path...


Vintage Scan #52: Parade (May 27, 1973)

This is our 12th Parade scan, and I must say, I'm not planning on ending them any time soon.  They're an amazing time capsule of news, ads, and pop culture condensed into a little newspaper insert.  Let's take a look at one from May 27, 1973...


Retro Film Report #56: Infidelity Cinema

Intimate Agony (1983)/ À Gauche en Sortant de L'ascenseur (1988)/ How to Murder Your Wife (1965)/ Sesso in Testa (1974)/ Alpha City (1985)/ Max Mon Amour (1986)/ La Fiancée du Pirate (1969)/ A Dama do Lotação (1978)

Today we're looking at eight films from around the world which deal with the subject of infidelity and dysfunctional sexual relations  each in their own unique way.


Artful Conception #30: The Hand Bra - Strategically Covered Nudity (Part 3)

In Part 2 of Strategically Covered Nudity (SCN), we tackled the various forms of conveniently placed censorship - ranging from "The Great Wall of Purity" to "Aqua Censor" to "Text of Concealment", etc.. Unfortunately, that was in 2013... but better late than never.  Today, we're taking just one variety of SCN and running with it - The Hand Bra.  You know the trope - a woman clasps her bosom, concealing those offending nipples, and thereby keeping things relatively PG.

We'll cover other varieties of cleverly hidden nudity in upcoming posts - and I promise it won't take me three years!  Enjoy.

Fumetti #7: Terror

I can't help it - I love these adult fumetti covers.  They're not only skillfully illustrated, they are uniquely creative... in the most demented way imaginable.

Terror (and Terror Blu) are particular favorites.  While some adult fumetti could go overboard - forsaking art entirely in favor of the grotesque and exploitive.  Terror retains that element of bad taste that we all know and love, while still being amazing pieces of trash art.

My only regret is that I cannot hope to one day post ALL the vintage adult fumetti covers, as some are way beyond explicit.  Regardless, let's sit back and browse through another lowbrow gallery of the depraved. Get ready for chicks being ravaged by golems, eaten by sharks, and molested by werewolves.  It's a politically incorrect, misogynist, gallery of horror.  Buckle up and enjoy.


The Vintage Home #26: Bathroom '80 (Part 2)

Not so long ago, we took a look inside the 1980 bathroom via an issue of Homeowner's How-To.  This time it's the Spring-Summer Montgomery Ward catalog.  Enjoy - and don't forget to courtesy flush!


Album Covers #48: Top Hits! (Part 2)

You know those "top hits" albums - the records with cover band recordings of popular songs, with a sexy babe on the cover.  There are so many examples, I couldn't begin to present them all.  We provided a respectable amount back in 2013; time for another round.


Magazines #55: Glamour (Nov. 1974)

What was in style for the ladies at the close of '74 you ask?  Look no further than this issue of Glamour magazine - chock full of mid-seventies fashions.  Sadly, the miniskirt was out... and polyester slacks were in, but it still an interesting tour of what was considered beautiful forty-two years ago.  Enjoy.


The Boob Tube #56: The News

I came upon this TV Guide (January 13, 1979), read the quotes on the cover, and started laughing... then reality kicked in, and I thought about how far our news has sunk since then.  Truly a sad state of affairs.

Think about the points these network execs are making:  (1) That ratings literally should not be a factor in newscasting, and (2) the outlandish idea that we could one day extend to ONE HOUR of network news!

Obviously, we have wildly strayed from these perspectives, and we have paid dearly for it.


Ads #87: Back of the Mag Ads (1974)

We all know the ads in the back of the magazine are the most interesting.  They're the low budget, slightly disreputable ones that could afford a glossy color advertisement towards the front.

For adult magazines, these ads were often disturbing or clearly fraudulent.  Today, we're looking at the ads in the back of a women's magazine - so, they're not quite so explicit, but no less interesting.

So, let's page to the back of this women's periodical and see what's for sale...

Needlework A-Go Go #40: Workbasket (Part 3)

How's this for a long delayed sequel - the last Workbasket post was in January 2011.  Ah, the joy of having a long-running blog.  Picking up subjects from where I left off five years ago is a beautiful thing.

And speaking of beautiful things, Workbasket is 70s DIY fashion on the cheap.  You can tell the models and photographers are not professionals, or at least this isn't their day job. Add to that, the fashions are clearly not ready for primetime.  Let's have a look...


TV Guide #18: Fall Preview 1989

In this TV Guide post, we'll do something a bit different.  Rather than look at each day's schedule, let's take a glance at the Fall Preview section.  It's 1989 (September 9th - 15th, to be exact), and, from the looks of things, television has gone to shit.  Take a gander at the coming attractions for the Fall of '89 and see for yourself...


VHS #18: German Kassette

Welcome to Günter's VHS Kassette Geschäft, where we have all your video rental needs.  Take a look around, browse our selection, and the lovely Heike will check you out at the register.  And remember: Sei nett. Zurückspulen.


Mini Skirt Monday #216: Minis on Vinyl (Part 3)

Miniskirts were so ubiquitous forty plus years ago, the well just seems to never run dry.  Here are some miniskirts on album covers.  For more see: Album Cover Minis Parts 1 and 2: MM#186 and MM#106

Vintage Business #19: Valley Register 1982

So, I shelled out $25 for this business registry for the Phoenix area.  Yeah, I know it seems like a lot for a registry, but this is just chock full of pictures - a wonderful tour through the retail, dining, and media world of 1982.  I couldn't resist.

I've scanned a bunch of the pages for you, and if you'd like to download a PDF version click here.  Enjoy!


Foxy Ladies #30: Neue Revue

There's really no American equivalent to the German magazine Neue Revue.  It's a tabloid style magazine evidently intended for both male and female audiences - very much akin to our grocery store rags like US and People.... but with lots of boobs... and the occasional bush.

One day I'll scan one front to back, but today we're just lookin' at the wonderful covers. You can download a PDF of all 50+ covers, or browse through a chronological selection below. Fröhliches Lesen!


Magazines #54: Phoenix (June 1970)

I have a whole stack of these old Phoenix magazines, so I hope you like them.  They're a nice slice of southwest life with some nice advertisements you won't find in the bigger widely circulated publications.  Enjoy.