Ads #87: Back of the Mag Ads (1974)

We all know the ads in the back of the magazine are the most interesting.  They're the low budget, slightly disreputable ones that could afford a glossy color advertisement towards the front.

For adult magazines, these ads were often disturbing or clearly fraudulent.  Today, we're looking at the ads in the back of a women's magazine - so, they're not quite so explicit, but no less interesting.

So, let's page to the back of this women's periodical and see what's for sale...

All of the ads that follow are from the "Shop By Mail" section of November 1974 issue of Glamour magazine.

Ooo - in Cooper Italic no less!  Can I assume "MMC" is this chick's initials?

If you're interested in 70s tees, take note that we covered the subject in a series of posts on Retrospace.

The thing is, there were an amazing variety of T-shirts (as you'll see in the Retrospace posts) - but this magazine seems to only offer the most bory variety.  Nineteen bucks in 1970s dollars for a crummy long sleeve t-shirt with your name bedazzled on the front?  That's $92 in today's dollars!

Cordyline fruticosa

Men and overweight women need not apply.

The peasant look was big in '74.  Never a fan.

Bra cups and demi-bras were evidently big in '74.

The "blow yourself up" ads were very common - it seemed like they were in the back of every magazine of every variety.... yet, who actually owned a giant poster of themselves?

If you are looking for a reason to hate the hippies, look no further than that peasant style.  Their counter culture shoved aside the psychedelic day-glo colors and miniskirts, in favor of the homeless, unwashed look.

What am I looking at?  They look like sponges... and I presume that is the "bewitching cocktail bra" they speak of?

Ugh.  More lame t-shirts.  I'm all for equal rights, but no guy should wear a Ladies Home Journal shirt under any circumstances.... unless he's trying to get in good with a hot feminist chick - which I suspect is the case here.

Be a secretary - it's the way for babes to get ahead in life!

Don't want to be a secretary, you say?  There's plenty of other options for the fairer sex...

It's the 1970s, ladies, and the world is your oyster!  You can be anything you want to be - from a airline hostess to a fashion coordinator, from a court reporter to interior designer - you can finally have it all!


  1. Frederick's had the best artists. Such great looking babes they drew.

  2. From an era BEFORE the internet and Amazon. When you had to search to find what you wanted, or thought you wanted. I remember all the T-Shirt shops in malls where you cold get your favorite slogan or picture on a shirt. If yo did not live near a mall then you went to the back of a magazine.

    One thing that came up recently. I ordered something I needed from Amazon. I ordered them Saturday morning and they arrived Sunday afternoon. WoW. Remember when you sent in your order and it was 6-8 WEEKS before you got it ? Those were the longest weeks in your life.

  3. Sweet Willy's hippie blouses were apparently only SLIGHTLY sensational.