Artful Conception #30: The Hand Bra - Strategically Covered Nudity (Part 3)

In Part 2 of Strategically Covered Nudity (SCN), we tackled the various forms of conveniently placed censorship - ranging from "The Great Wall of Purity" to "Aqua Censor" to "Text of Concealment", etc.. Unfortunately, that was in 2013... but better late than never.  Today, we're taking just one variety of SCN and running with it - The Hand Bra.  You know the trope - a woman clasps her bosom, concealing those offending nipples, and thereby keeping things relatively PG.

We'll cover other varieties of cleverly hidden nudity in upcoming posts - and I promise it won't take me three years!  Enjoy.

Man, this People Magazine is a helluva lot better than the one in the States.  "Bowie Bonked Me" - classic.

An example of the one-handed hand-bra... fortunately, her modesty is saved by a conveniently placed rose.

Somehow, I don't think they're talking about her award winning cobbler.

Here hair is long enough to accomplish the "hair bra" - a topic for an upcoming SCN post.

Penthouse may be the champion in the "Hand Bra" department, with an endless number of examples throughout the seventies.

A truly fine specimen of SCN - not only do we have the hand-bra, but we also get a ridiculous scenery censor in the form of a perfectly placed "modesty rag".

Yeah, I know.  Sometimes it's more of a "forearm bra" than a "hand bra".  No worries.  A "forearm bra" post is already in the works... and surprisingly a lot more common.

Lana Clarkson in Barbarian Queen

This one also contains strategically placed fabric.  Look forward to a "Hidden by Linen" post coming up soon.

Like I said - Penthouse rules the hand-bra.


  1. Thanks a lot for those sexy cover arts!

    1. You're quite welcome. And I love your Fumetti (Terror Blue) cover avatar!

  2. Because the Australian People magazine was already there, their version of the US People is called Who.
    There are articles in Penthouse?-Bob Rooney

    1. Sure there were articles in Penthouse! Remember "I thought it would never happen but this busty housewife wanted me naked. Now."

    2. Yes, the "I never thought it would happen to me, but...." letters were pure gold.

      I never thought it would happen to me, but a simple trip to the bakery ended up a three-way with my teacher and babysitter....

    3. Paul DucaJuly 02, 2016

      Or "I'm a student at a small Midwestern college..."

  3. I think that March 89 Iron Horse is the issue with my ex father in law in it. Is there a bearded guy flipping the bird in the story about the Camel Pro race in WV?

    1. Paul DucaJuly 02, 2016

      I guess we knew how that marriage would end up...