Cinema #42: Name That Movie (Part 2)

Are your ready for round two?  Last time Lacey knocked it out of the park within the first few hours - so, you'll need to be quicker on the draw this time.  There are no prizes except for the deep personal satisfaction that comes with beating others.

As before, here are some obscure scenes from fairly obscure movies, all rendered to make identification even harder (and somehow strangely beautiful looking), and generally featuring the film's foxy lady.  This ain't the minor leagues, folks... there are some professional cult and B-movie experts among the ranks of Retrospace readers!

So, on your mark, get set.... GO!

[Remember - all these movies have been talked about on Retrospace at one time or another.  Also - #8 and #9 are the same movie.  Lasty, remember that the number is on top of the corresponding picture, not below.]


  1. #33 "There's Nothing Out There"

  2. #36 "The Vampire and the Ballerina"

  3. #2 Dressed To Kill

    1. Rats, that was the first one I got.

      #1 Lisa & the Devil
      #13 is Guide for the Married Man.

      #20 Private School ???

      #24 Space Thing ( I actually OWN that one. Don't ask why)

  4. 1.Lisa & the Devil
    2.Dressed to Kill
    4.Blood and Black Lace
    17.Mars Needs Women
    35.Twisted nerve

    1. All right except #17. That's Batgirl in a spy movie...

  5. #17 is Yvonne Craig in one of the Man From UNCLE films

  6. #15 Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

  7. .....yeah, maybe it was a little too hard this time. I'll keep this alive for a few more days before giving the answers.

  8. 13 Guide For the Married Man. Matthau and Inger Stevens. How could he ever be tempted to stray???

  9. I may have to go to the minors after failing to recognize so many of these! But I did know a few:

    17 One Spy Too Many, a two-part UNCLE ep made into a movie featuring new, racy footage of the late, great Yvonne Craig.
    23 Bachelor in Paradise or I'll Take Sweden (one of those early 1960's Bob Hope pictures)
    31 The Karate Killers, another two-part UNCLE ep made into a film. I believe that's Diane McBain and Danielle De Metz squaring off for a catfight on the conference room table.

    I can't be sure, but 17 looks to feature Fritz Weaver, one of my favorite actors, but I sure don't recognize this movie.

    I'll be watching this space since a number of these stills are really intriguing. I like the effect you added to them.

  10. #4 - Blood and Black Lace
    #8 - Massacre in Dinosaur Valley
    #9 - Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (Cheeky)
    #31 - Spy in the Green Hat (the camera angle through me on this one.)
    #32 - Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz

    That is it for now.
    Oddly enough I can't open "Retro Film Report" from the main menu. It goes to "Invalid page."

  11. #6 - Confessions of a Driving Instructor (I KNEW it was ONE of the "Confessions" )
    #14 - Hellgate
    #16 - Massage Parlor Murders
    #19 - Playgirls and the Vampire
    #22 - Secret Fantasy
    #26 - Steel and Lace
    #27 - Take a Girl Like You
    #28 - The Blood Rose
    #30 - The Playbirds
    #34 - Trader Horne(e)
    #35 - Twisted Nerve (Did NOT recgnize Hayley Mills. Good job on the distortion)
    #39 - Zan, King of the Jungle
    #36 - Vampire and the Ballerina

    Okay, NOW this time I really am through. I have work to do, but this is more fun.

  12. #3 - Astro-Zombies
    #11 - Evil Toons (I THOUGHT it was but was not sure as I only saw this movie once)
    #12 - Ghoulies IV (more embarrassing than sexplotation films)
    #18 - Plankton (I really got this one wrong at first. thought it was a 1970s euro-slasher film)
    #25 - Stage Fright
    #38 - Wizard of Gore

    I am NOT a woman of my word.

    NOW I have to go. Cannot access your "Retro" section.

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the broken link. It's fixed.

      So, far the following have been answered correctly:

      1-4, 6, 8-9, 11-19, 22, 24-28, 30-36, 38-39

      The remaining with Hints:
      5. a Carry On Film
      7. a Confessions film
      10. a Paul Naschy film
      21. a pervy ghost
      23. Boing! Boing!
      29. a Hammer Film
      37. a Swedish skin flick

      As before, way to go Lacey!

  13. I thought 23 was already answered. It is "Boy did I get a Wrong Number."

    1. That's correct - I was actually wrong. My hint was pointing to the film "Boeing! Boeing!" which is incorrect. Nice job. :-)

  14. Sorry but 5 has me stumped.

    I am going to guess that #7 is Confessions of a Window Cleaner.

    #10 is Dr. Jekyll vs. the Werewolf. You kind of gave us that one, making up for the stinkers you posted.

    #21 is School Spirit. I did NOT recognize Larry Linville. I though this was an European sex comedy. Good job on the rendering.

    # 29 is Horror of Frankenstein. How the heck did I miss THAT one? I must be slipping.
    #37 is Without a Stitch and I think you cheated on that one. But then I could just be peckish.

  15. So what was number 5 ????