Fumetti #7: Terror

I can't help it - I love these adult fumetti covers.  They're not only skillfully illustrated, they are uniquely creative... in the most demented way imaginable.

Terror (and Terror Blu) are particular favorites.  While some adult fumetti could go overboard - forsaking art entirely in favor of the grotesque and exploitive.  Terror retains that element of bad taste that we all know and love, while still being amazing pieces of trash art.

My only regret is that I cannot hope to one day post ALL the vintage adult fumetti covers, as some are way beyond explicit.  Regardless, let's sit back and browse through another lowbrow gallery of the depraved. Get ready for chicks being ravaged by golems, eaten by sharks, and molested by werewolves.  It's a politically incorrect, misogynist, gallery of horror.  Buckle up and enjoy.


  1. Wow! These are some seriously whacked-out covers! I'd hate to see the "grotesque and exploitative" ones you talk about. Or would I ..... ?

    1. Yes, it pains me to hold back some of these covers whose only "fault" is they are too explicit. There is some amazing artistic skill and eyeball popping wonderment which is a bit too NSFW to post on Retrospace. I wish there was a way to make certain posts require age acknowledgement. Ah, well. One day.

  2. 1000thanks for these fascinating cover-arts! Regards from Germany!

  3. That pig-man is far out. And jeez, quite the boner on the King Tut guy screwing the skeleton.

  4. Lets just be thankful we dont live in that world. Even the costant barrage of naked women wouldnt be worth it.