Kid Stuff #23: SuperMag

As you'll recall from our last SuperMag post, we're talking about a magazine much akin to Bananas and Dynamite -  one geared towards middle school kids getting their reading material from school book orders.  Of course, we had other outlets to get our periodical fix - Pizzazz, MAD, Cracked, and Crazy  - but those weren't hand-delivered straight to your desk at school.  As your teacher passed out the orders, you eagerly awaited your stash of pop culture gold; all while your friend looked on with envy.  Ah, yes, a new issue of Dynamite with The Fonz on the front - livin' the dream!

Here are scans from a few 1981 issues of SuperMag.  Peruse them here, or download the full sized PDF.  You might want to create a Retrospace folder on your desktop - we've got a lot more sharity coming your way.  Enjoy!

Supermag v5 n12 (1981)

Supermag v5n11 (1981)

Supermag v5 n6 (1981)

Supermag v5n5 (1981)


  1. Dude...no inclusion of the Catherine Bach mini poster?!

    1. Yeah, it's like the least sexy picture of Daisy Duke they could've ever taken - I think she's in a baggy flannel shirt or something. You're not missing much.

  2. Retro HoundJune 30, 2016

    Awesome. I still have a bunch of these from my childhood, but they are older than 1981.

    1. I heard your image host died, and your site subsequently died. Are you done with the pop nostalgia blogging game after all these years?