Magazines #54: Phoenix (June 1970)

I have a whole stack of these old Phoenix magazines, so I hope you like them.  They're a nice slice of southwest life with some nice advertisements you won't find in the bigger widely circulated publications.  Enjoy.

It's summertime, so bring out the miniskirts and diamond patterned pantsuits.

"Grand entrance for patio parties.  Left, short sashed skirt with a navy maxi coat of wet looking Polymide belted in white, buttoned in red.  Matching flare pants also available.  Right, linen pantsuit with see through lace panels, a "stopper design".

Keeping cool on a sunny afternoon, in a feather weight silk gypsy print, its fullness cinched by a wide, wide belt, banded and braided, folklore fashion. Topped with its own babushka.

"Party hopping scene stealer.  Flower sprigged chiffon, with tiny bodice, billowy skirt."

"Relaxed silhouettes for summer entertaining.  Left, a flowing jumpsuit of light, madly bright Banion jersey.  Added dash... the black leather belt fringed with gold metal beads.  Right, cotton lace that looks crocheted, in a sunflower yellow pantsuit.

Utterly beguiling, a textured cotton, red on white, accented here and there with silk organza blossoms.

"Don't just dream about being pretty" - Plaza Three will get your ugly self lookin' good!

In the "Arizona Home Beautiful" section we have George and Kay Podd's home in Pinewood (south of Flagstaff).

I'm ready for the Brady kids to come storming in any moment.

That's so hilarious - a Muzak ad shows a couple snoring.  Muzak - it will literally put your ass to sleep.

Like any respectable 1970 home, it comes equipped with an assortment of Herb Alpert records.

I love those circular couches - very conducive to conversation, not TV watching.

Get used to these ads - every Phoenix magazine has one.  Each one features a painted portrait of the company's president alongside the logo.  Stay tuned for more.

There would be protests and boycotts over an ad like this nowadays.

I'll leave you with the capable hands of "Mr. Dan"....


  1. Wish my girlfriend had that "Party hopping scene stealer" dress. So sexy.

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2016

    Frontier Airlines ad: "Come on, we'll never charge for water or stop serving food!"

  3. Looks like Phoenix was filled with hot chicks back in the day. California used to be like that, but now it's just filled fat, ugly chicks who burn the American flag.