Needlework A-Go Go #40: Workbasket (Part 3)

How's this for a long delayed sequel - the last Workbasket post was in January 2011.  Ah, the joy of having a long-running blog.  Picking up subjects from where I left off five years ago is a beautiful thing.

And speaking of beautiful things, Workbasket is 70s DIY fashion on the cheap.  You can tell the models and photographers are not professionals, or at least this isn't their day job. Add to that, the fashions are clearly not ready for primetime.  Let's have a look...

For that classy college look, I suggest a rainbow tabard.

Sorry - I feel the need to add something to this picture...

She looks a little bit scary to me.  The kind of lady who won't be ignored.

This is from a hearing aid advertisement.... either that, or there truly is nothing special about Harry calling.

For a Workbasket model, she is smoking hot.

 I wouldn't exactly say that sweater is slimming.

She'd look so much better without that godforsaken tabard.

I've run across a number of these ads, and they always feature a hot chick in a miniskirt.  It's obviously meant for an elderly person, but they opted for the babe in a short skirt (like this Polygrip ad).

Prince R.I.P.

Ah, yes.  The perfect attire for a friendly game of ping-pong.

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1 comment:

  1. Tabard. First time I've seen that word, and I hope it's the last time I see one. Gah. But the definition is hilarious:

    A sleeveless jerkin consisting only of front and back pieces with a hole for the head.

    I like how the white address block is often covering someone's crotch, like it's really a dirty magazine.