Opinions and Rants #46: Protest

As you've probably gathered, these Opinions & Rants posts aren't well researched essays with citations and plenty of hard evidence.  They're just me tubthumping armed with only about five decades of experience, and a watchful eye on what's going on in the world around me.

With that in mind, take it for what it's worth when I tell you that protesters today are not what they used to be.... in fact, they're kind of a joke....

Say what you will about hippie protesters, with the luxury of hindsight, we can see the Vietnam war really was an absolute clusterf**k.  My father was in the military during this time, and when he told me that hippies were on a roof throwing rocks at him (he was in his military uniform), it really stuck with me.  How horrible to blame him for the corruption and incompetence of our political leaders.  When Jane Fonda and her ilk threw our soldiers under a bus, that was so incredibly misguided it's hard to comprehend.

That being said, the war was something that genuinely demanded a backlash.  It was simply not worth it to send over 58,000 young Americans to the jungle to die.  Not to mention the 1-3 million non-US casualties.

Just imagine if there was a draft today.  Every night you had to watch young men being shipped home in bodybags for a war you didn't really understand.  If you were lucky enough to get into college, you avoided the draft - a policy which objectively favored the upper class.

But those college kids didn't just look the other way, get their degrees of higher learning, and let the lower classes get slaughtered in the jungle; instead, they took to protest, and grew in numbers until they could no longer be ignored.

Again, you can argue with their often overly aggressive tactics and over-the-top anti-establishment mindset.  But you can't argue with the cause.  And when you have that many - the Baby Boomers were the largest generation the country had ever seen by far - all young, dumb and full of... well you know the rest... you're not exactly going to get an intellectual mild-mannered protest.

Now contrast that with these new millennials.  They look like pointless retards.

There's no draft, but there's plenty of military conflicts that you could argue are worthy of protest.  But no, we get unemployed millennials emerging from their parents' basements en masse to protest the most worthless of causes... and done in the most hilariously awkward and counter-productive fashion. They are all going to look back and cringe.

Here's an example: The Anti-Trump Protests

If it's possible, set aside your views on Trump for a moment.  Or let's just assume he's every bit the racist megalomaniac his opponents claim he is.... protesting his rallies by beating the shit out of the attendees only bolsters his support.  This is inarguable.

A big reason Martin Luther King Jr.'s tactic of peaceful protesting was so effective was that it allowed you to sympathize with the protesters.  Indeed, even those who would not normally have gone to his side found themselves compelled to do so out of sympathy, out of human empathy.

And when those peaceful protesters were acted upon by the powers-that-be, if you had any soul at all, you couldn't help but feel compassion. He knew he couldn't achieve victory without winning the hearts of the majority - the white population.  MLK had to overcome decades upon decades of ingrained white superiority - and he miraculously did so by appealing to the best in us.  By inspiring our compassion.

What a stark, embarrassing contrast to the Trump protests.

The argument from the anti-Trump crew is inevitably "They did it first".  Even if that were the case, go back and read what I said about MLK's method.  They were most certainly violently acted upon, but, by remaining peaceful, eventually won the hearts and minds of the American people.

When you're egging defenseless young women on camera, when you're sucker-punching attendees peacefully leaving, when you're burning American flags, when you're damaging private property... guess what?  You look like ignorant shitheads.  The majority of Americans will not support people that look like mindless douchebags... in fact, those on the anti-Trump side will begin to feel empathy for the woman getting egged, the guy getting sucker punched.... and move to the other side.  Or, at the very least, leave your side.

The same hold true for the Black Lives Matter protests and any other protests that have led to destruction and violence - it's not going to work.

Now, violent outrage has certainly won in the past.  History is littered with hostile takeovers and violent insurrections.  The French Revolution, The Bolshevik Revolution, etc.... but that's not what we're talking about here.  These protests don't even qualify as riots - they're just small, isolated events that make the protesters look like retarded losers.

And, by the way, if you think you can accomplish something akin to The French Revolution today, you're living in a fantasy world. Our government will tolerate insurrection up to a point, but if needed, it will curbstomp your ass without hesitation.  We're not dealing with muskets and cannons anymore, folks.  In case you haven't noticed, our military has reached science fiction levels of badassery, able to squash an angry mob like it's swatting a mosquito.

Okay, maybe I'm veering off topic a bit.  I told you I was just tubthumping.  Back to the matter at hand - do these millennials have anything worthy to protest?  Anything approaching the aforementioned  Vietnam War and Civil Rights?

The answer is, sure... but they're not doing it.

For instance, there's been loads of feminist marches, but I'm not really clear on what they're after, and who they're protesting against.  Are they protesting against white males?  Good luck with that.  When you protest you have to have a clear endgame - a goal.  You can't just protest because your parent's basement has poor ventilation, and it's getting kind of stale down there.

For example: The clear goal of the Vietnam protests was to end the f***ing war.  The Civil Rights protests had the clear goal to end segregation and have equal voting rights (end literacy tests, poll taxes, etc).  They were both undermined by riots and extremism, but their endgame was clear.

What's the endgame for the feminist protests?  Equal rights for women?... as in the same way MLK stood for equal rights for blacks?  I don't think there's a comparison.  Most Americans are unclear on the endgame here, presuming there even is one.

If I try and dissect the validity of feminist protests and Black Lives Matter protests, I think I'll talk all day... and my soapbox is already getting uncomfortable.  We'll save that for another time.  Suffice it to say, they in no way come near to rising to the level of the causes of the 1960s and early 70s.

We do have causes that are worthy though - there's plenty of military conflicts taking place, lots of terrorism, lots of suppression of free speech.... wait a tick....suppression of free speech ....yeah, that reminds me of my final point....

This is perhaps the biggest FAIL of the entire millennial protest movement.

When opposing viewpoints come to your campus, how about countering it with peaceful protests to inspire our empathy?  How about countering it with intelligent debate to inspire our reason?  How about not countering with shrill screams and smearing period blood all over yourself to inspire our cringe?

My message to millennial protesters - emerge from your parents' basements, emerge from your campus safe spaces and look around at your world.  There is is real danger and corruption going on -and we NEED your protests - indeed, we always need the youth to stand up and shine a light on injustice and approaching disaster.

Your college safe space costs you $100K of debt, you're living in a basement because the gap between rich and poor is ever-widening, Islamic Jihad is expanding its reach, our elected officials are bought and paid for, our prisons are overflowing, we are 18 trillion in debt,... there is plenty to fight for.  Stop going to anti-feminist and anti-Trump events and looking like fools.

We need a Bob Dylan or a John Lennon, a Martin Luther King, Jr. or a Christopher Hitchens, a Woody Guthrie or a Jackie Robinson, a Harvey Milk or a Ralph Nader...

We don't need sucker-punching, egg throwing, flag burning douchebags and Trigglypuff.


  1. AnonymousJune 26, 2016

    I like this blog. In general.

    And then you post one of your rants, and I can't figure out how the same person is responsible it. You are correct in that these aren't "well researched essays with citations and plenty of hard evidence". As for your "watchful eye", it is surely focused on the Fox News channel.

    You don't think it's worth protesting a guy who rails against Mexicans and Muslims? Of course not, you're neither a Mexican or Muslim. The overwhelming majority of violence is from Trump supporters on protesters. Not all, but who do you think the sucker-punchers are, by and large? For each example against a Trump supporter you could cite, I could cite twenty going toward protesters.

    As for feminist protesters, the endgame has been the ERA for over 40 years. If you were making 80 cents on the dollar made by your coworkers, you might think it's worth protesting. But you're not a woman, so of course wage inequality or health care access isn't a big deal to you.

    You don't think Black Lives Matter is worth protesting? Of course you wouldn't - you aren't black. Naturally, you'd preach peaceful protest - that way you don't have to pay attention to it or change anything. Just as you disregard the concerns of protesters now, others disregarded King in the 1950s and 1960s by declaring that things weren't that bad for 'them' compared to how they'd been before.

    It's always easy 50 years later to decide whether a protest movement was worth it depending on what, if anything, had been changed. I don't think you can persuasively argue that the anti-war movement caused the end of the Vietnam war. If it had, McGovern wouldn't have been crushed in 1972. Still, as you point out, those protesters were on the right side of history. As are, I suspect, those you dismiss today. Everything you're saying about millennials was said about every protest movement from Vietnam to civil rights to Seneca Falls to abolition and all the way to 1776, when another bunch of spoiled youngsters set the country in motion.

    I'm neither Mexican nor Muslim nor black nor a woman (nor a millennial) - but I don't want discrimination to continue, even if I would benefit if it did, because it diminishes me as a human being for such inequity to persist. I'm glad to see the younger generations trending that way.

    I'm sorry you're on the wrong side of history.

    1. I actually think Martin Luther King was pretty effective.

      I also think the anti-war activist movement was pretty effective at turning popular opinion and subsequently ending the war. It was a factor, and it's frankly alarming to hear someone say it wasn't.

      And why is that because I'm not black I can't understand their protest? if that's the case, they are surely without hope of success. As I said, you have to win over the empathy, the good will and the reason of the majority to stand a chance. MLK knew that... but, as you said, he was pretty much a disregarded failure. You're right - millennial SJWs are much more effective.

    2. "The overwhelming majority of violence is from Trump supporters on protesters."

      Gee, funny that with everybody holding a video recording mobile device in their hands, there is exactly one video out there showing a Trump supporter throwing a punch at somebody: that was the 80 year old geezer who threw a punch at a young black kid who had given the old guy the finger. On the other side, there's only a couple of hundred videos showing anti-rump protesters assaulting peaceful pro-Trump people.

      But hey, keep blaming Fox News for everything, after all your hero, Obama does the same thing.

    3. AnonymousJune 26, 2016


      Here's 15 videos, Tony.

    4. "The overwhelming majority of violence is from Trump supporters on protesters."

      You're a hypocritical liar, a promoter of mob violence, criminals, and people who shoot at the police. You should be forcibly deported as you are not an American, you are a traitor.

    5. The wag gap is a myth. Whatever it may be, it's the result of women making different choices. It's an earnings gap.

  2. Exactly right, Gilligan. Black Lives Matter isn't about what they want us to think it's about. It's about "whitey is 100% evil and all black people should be treated with special privileges because our ancestors a long time ago were treated badly".

    All these fucking millennials just jumping on bandwagons because that's what is being coaxed gingerly down their participation-award-winning throats by their moronic parents. There's no individual thought or opinion with these pukes. It's all groupthink. How else can you explain an entire generation of teenage and preteen girls posting hundreds of photos of themselves making duck face?

    They have no concept of respect for other people or their property. They think everybody's parents will just buy them new things when they trash burn another person's car or smash a store window. They think they'll earn 3 seconds of respect from other retards by posting a video of them vandalizing property or sucker punching a Republican in the much deluded name of world peace.

  3. AnonymousJune 27, 2016

    "And these children that you spit on
    As they try to change their worlds
    Are immune to your consultations
    They're quite aware of what they're going through."
    -- D. R. Jones, 1971

    1. An overused quote; I don't think the thin white duke would apply this to millennial shitlording. Surely you must be familiar with his opus criticizing the hippie movement "Cygnet Committee"...

      "We planted seeds of rebirth, And stabbed the backs of fathers, Sons of dirt
      Infiltrated business cesspools, Hating through Our sleeves
      Yea, and We slit the Catholic throat
      Stoned the poor,on slogans such as
      'Wish You Could Hear', 'Love Is All We Need'
      - D.R. Jones, 1969

    2. AnonymousJune 27, 2016

      Mr. Jones wrote the stanza cited to those belittling elders of the era, not his protesting contemporaries. And so it is correctly applied to the elders of these times who shake their heads at the protesting youth and grumble "In my day, we KNEW how to protest!" An absurd comparison really, but since when does a curmudgeonly attitude give license to clear thought? But I see so much of this competitive comparison of eras: "In my day, the cartoons were better!" "We had better music when I was young!" "The clothes these kids are wearing! Why can't they dress the way WE did when we were their age?"
      So many people have turned into the grumpy old men they in their youth swore never to become. How does it feel knowing that you are your father, now?

    3. But it's all a proven fact that cartoons, music, and clothes were better. There's nothing grumpy or curmudgeonly about the truth at all.

      Besides; belittling elders? No, it's all about the hippies and how they were morons.

  4. AnonymousJune 27, 2016

    I realized at the time of the "Occupy Wall Street" (and it's various offshoots) "movement" that there was no communal direction, no end goal. Just a sort of amorphous "protest". It was doomed to fail.

    College campuses, once a ferment of ideas, challenges and free speech now utilize repressive speech codes and infantalize students with "safe spaces", "trigger warnings" and the like.

    Camille Paglia says it best:

    "What is most disgusting about current political correctness on campus is that its proponents have managed to convince their students and the media that they are authentic Sixties radicals. The idea is preposterous. Political correctness, with its fascist speech codes and puritanical sexual regulations, is a travesty of Sixties progressive values."
    -Vamps & Tramps
    p 28

    And here is an excellent discourse between Paglia and Christina Hoff Summers about modern day feminism, academe, etc. It's 50 minutes long, but well worth it.


  5. I have almost no agreement with your argument, but rant away good sir, it's your blog. Careful though, some people might not agree, and might comment.
    As much fun as it is to look at girls in miniskirts and guys in sideburns, to pretend images of times past didn't mask inequities is a mistake.
    Likewise, to pretend 60s protests were all good and peaceful, and recent protests are all bad and ineffective, is mistakenly missing the point. Riots and bombings were too common in the 60s. The Equal Rights Amendment never happened, but the effort did expand opportunities, for men and women. But 60s protests did change society. Millions protested before the 2003 Iraq war, and were ignored and even abused (local protesters had fireworks shot at them), but they were right, it was a mistake. Occupy was directionless and smelly, but opened eyes, and has influenced current discourse. Of cournse my examples are incomplete.
    My point is that times are changing (faster than ever in human history over the past 100 years or so, I would argue) and looking to the "good old days" as a solution to modern problems is probably a bigger mistake than ever. Looking forward is the way to move forward. I may not ever get my jetpack, but I prefer living in the future than the past.
    for the record, I think Trump supporters as well as Trump protestors are ignorant shitheads.)

    Peace man.

    1. Thank you, Fred. That was very well said.

      I made it a point to not paint the 60s/70s protesters as flawless - I pointed out how they threw rocks at my dad, Jane Fonda, their overboard anti-establishment, etc.

      And I totally agree that protests against the Iraq War and Wall Street had some validity - it would be a mistake to dismiss them. I guess my reaction is more to the recent protests that have sprung up on college campuses which seem anti-free speech and wildly counterproductive - sending countless viewers running to the opposite side as fast as they can. And it was a reaction to the violence against Trump rally attendees. Call me a geezer, but I can't help but believe these hostile displays are what's sending millions over to the Trump side. They're inadvertently creating sympathy for Trump supporters, and that form of "protest" is therefore harming their cause and guaranteeing their failure.

      But back to the miniskirts....

  6. AnonymousJune 28, 2016

    My cousin was in Viet Nam. I was not drafted, because the draft ended by that time. I was not at any protests until college, when we sat in in the Administration Building for something or other. I have no memory of what it was. But I am certain it was IMPORTANT!
    The amusing part of the current "protests" is that this is the first generation to protest vehemently FOR the status quo! Recycling the Clintons and keeping the same old politicians in power USED to be the older generation's gig. No longer! Even the Brexit was opposed by "youth" who wanted to stay in a Globalist Nanny State. If it weren't so amusing it might be terrifying.

  7. dont forget black riots and crimewaves