The Vintage Home #26: Bathroom '80 (Part 2)

Not so long ago, we took a look inside the 1980 bathroom via an issue of Homeowner's How-To.  This time it's the Spring-Summer Montgomery Ward catalog.  Enjoy - and don't forget to courtesy flush!

Colors: ginger brown, pumpkin, barely beige, and duchess blue.

Dear God!  Can you say nugget gold overload!

Does anyone else find it alarming that the two primary colors for 1980 bathrooms are yellow and brown?

Yes, she's pretty damn close to being naked, but nowhere near as close as the British Argos catalogs.


  1. 2nd to last; so puffy!

    How long until the first person say "yuck" about carpet/rugs in the bathroom? It always happens. There's always someone who thinks people just run around and piss all over everything.

    1. The ideal Guest Bathroom, where every surface is a Guest Towel. How about the toilet ring covers, which is what I peed on as a guest at my grandmother's.

  2. Why on earth would you have curtains across your shower?

  3. AnonymousJune 15, 2016

    Whose idea was it and when, that commodes need to be covered in pile carpeting? Tank, lid all carpeted. Why?

  4. Ye Olde Padded Toilet Seat, everything is fine and dandy until that cover rips ever so slightly and you get pinched when you sit on it. Getting pinched by a toilet seat is not fun. Neither is sitting on a newly installed padded toilet seat cover and feeling you're sinking into the toilet because the last time you used the toilet there wasn't a padded seat on the toilet.