TV Guide #19: May 8-14, 1982

I watched a lot of TV in '82, so this one brings back a lot of memories.  Plus, it's chock full of nice promo illustrations.  It's a good one to pore through - let's have a look...

Man, check out what's playing this week on Channel One: Let It Be, The Howling, My Bodyguard, Nightwing, Private Benjamin, Oh, God!... all worth a watch, except The Four Seasons, which was garbage.

The lineup for this Saturday Morning: The Laverne & Shirley cartoon, Goldy Gold and Action Jack, Thundarr, and The Fonz cartoon.

Best of all, this was the year of the infamous Kids Super Power Hour, featuring one of the hottest chicks in the history of broadcast television - Glorious Gal.  Plus, a superhero by the name of The Weatherman, morbidly obese, yet wearing skintight spandex... a perfect counterbalance to Glorious Gal.  Part cartoon, part live action - it has to be seen to be believed (I posted on it way back in 2008).

"A Question of Pornography"

I well remember the days of fine tuning that dial to descramble the Playboy Channel. Sure, it was basically B&W with shades of green, and horribly warped... but, if you were dedicated, you could reach a point where boobs and/or bush was visible for a few quick seconds.

I've talked to other guys about this, and it's funny how common this was.  Evidently, kids around the country were all madly adjusting their sets for a glimpse of Playboy T&A back in the early 80s.

"Turns fat to water and flushes it right out of your body by the gallon!"... and they show her coming out of the bathroom!  Holy shit - this has to be the grossest weight loss ad I've ever seen!

Back in the day, VCRs weren't cheap, and people often rented them for the weekend.... at 10 bucks a day. - plus deposit!

They really promoted the hell out of Rutger Hauer's Inside the Third Reich; I'm surprised it didn't make it to the cover.

The Book of Lists could have been great if they had at all stuck to the books.  The books were fairly erudite, and full of fascinating historical information.... the show, however, featured crap like "8 Ways to Pick Up a Guy".  Opportunity squandered.

"A Mother Lies!.... A Father Bribes!... A Student Dies!"


  1. Wow I remember 1982 TV almost like it was yesterday. And FAT CITY...! The perfect Late Night Movie.

  2. This was when they had limited cable listings. HBO, Showtime, ESPN, and WTBS (listed as channel 17A) were the ones in the listings. They put "17A" instead of "TBS" in order not to confuse the SuperStation with any local channel 17s.

  3. That was the first week I was living in California!

  4. The Richard Pryor Special with guest John Belushi is a repeat cause Belushi died two months before. I'd love to see the Rodney Dangerfield Show with Bill Murray.

  5. I think I stopped watching cartoons in 1980 or 1981. I don't remember those cartoons above.

    1. I remember watching Thundarr (Post apocalyptic kids cartoon), and Superfriends. I liked the Wonder Twins... "I'll form a bath tub!, And I'll form a hair dryer! Look out Lex Luthor!!!"

  6. I was about to graduate high school in a week or two after this. I'm sure I was watching a lot of these shows, because I sure as hell didn't care about homework.

  7. Fisk Ellington Rutledge IIIJuly 01, 2016

    "Turns fat to water and flushes it right out of your body!!" We are so lucky to have lived through this miraculous era. It was a time of giants.

  8. The animated Captain Marvel cartoon on Kid Super Power Hour was a better adaptation of those comics than live action show of a few years earlier.