Vintage Business #19: Valley Register 1982

So, I shelled out $25 for this business registry for the Phoenix area.  Yeah, I know it seems like a lot for a registry, but this is just chock full of pictures - a wonderful tour through the retail, dining, and media world of 1982.  I couldn't resist.

I've scanned a bunch of the pages for you, and if you'd like to download a PDF version click here.  Enjoy!

I can't help but wonder how many of these restaurants are still around, and how many fell under the wave of Applebee's, Chili's, and TGI Friday's.

Okay, so J. Duffey is the "dean of fine jewelry".. but what about his ladyfriend?

If only this was how rare coins stores set out their selection, they'd do much better business.

I must admit - the Le Hot Legs Extravaganza has me intrigued... and the "vodka influenced Red Nyet Nights" as well.

Is it just me, or does sound like a sex club?

There is a dance floor, and disco music. Disco! Bogart's is one of the last bastions of the high energy, pulsating rhythms that once drove common masses into frenzies that left them so deflated they never recovered. Wick­edly attractive women might be seen, toying with the beat of the music, weaving it into their own spells. Bogart's comes alive, but the inti­macy does not give way to the energy, it just becomes more intense.

Anchorman has forever ruined me - when ever I look at an old-school news team, I can't help but think of Ron Burgundy, Veronica Corningstone, and the gang.

Face it. If the small business you're running isn't using a computer, you've held out about as long as you can.
We can't blame you for waiting, though. For a long time computers were a very expensive instrument. And it used to be nobody could operate them, except specially-trained gnomes who "interfaced" instead of "communi­cating."
Computer Pro has some novel solu­tions to the drawbacks of the Computer Age. They're called human beings, and they talk your language.
Want to talk money? A small business can get into a complete system from Computer Pro for as little as a tax-advantageous $3,000.

Destined to become as much a part of the American lifestyle as the stereo component setup, vital to the control of our complex financial situations, Big Brother is becoming a reality and it is only 1982.
Probably only the last part is a stretch of the imagination. Computers are here and they are here to stay. They are able to perform, at incredible speed, many tasks flawlessly.

I'd love to do a "where are they now" post and start with Renaissance Man, Tomas.


  1. Fantastic! Do you ever look at things like this and think "I wonder where those people are now?" Are any of the businesses still going, do you know?

    1. A quick Google shows that Macayo's is still in business.

  2. My cousins lived in Phoenix in the 70's.They always told us cousins out East about Wallace and Ladmo .They often gave out what is called a "Ladmo Bag" to contest winners.Where I lived the local show hosts were Captain Noah,Wee Willy Weber,and Doctor Donald D.Rose,to name a few.I guess they were all Philadelphia based.

  3. Too great, and every business should be lucky enough to get a thumbs-up from Rusty Warren!
    Not sure what the dealio is at 'Arabesque' - do you eat in the spa?

  4. Seeing those particular Peavey speakers brings back memories. We had those for our band. Sometimes we'd put them on my station wagon's luggage rack, hook 'em up to my stereo, and blast Van Halen or Devo on the way to school. They also spent some time hooked to the cheapo stereo the school had in the senior lounge, sitting on top of the 2 pop machines.

  5. In today's world Honkytonk Sue is not getting away with putting a rope around someone's neck like that.

  6. One of my all time favorites......I'm betting by the next one the van business was no more. I've never equated collector coins and naked chicks before. Wonderful Russ looks like he has partied with the cows before.

  7. At first I thought this was going to be dull and uninteresting, then came the radio and TV listings. On your last post was a photo of Deborah Shelton. One of the radio stations she made a commercial for was KOY. Don't read the biography of KOY's Bill Heywood. That story makes Robin Willaims' story seem uplifting.

    Oh yeah, Wikipedia says the Honkytonk Sue movie never got made. Surprised!

    Also what is "the World Series of banana gobbling"?