Vintage Scan #52: Parade (May 27, 1973)

This is our 12th Parade scan, and I must say, I'm not planning on ending them any time soon.  They're an amazing time capsule of news, ads, and pop culture condensed into a little newspaper insert.  Let's take a look at one from May 27, 1973...

When cigarette ads were allowed to use cartoon style formats, they could be quite interesting to look at.

This Sex Tranquilizer report deserves a look:

A tranquilizing sex pill has been tested in England, and will soon go on sale. It con­sists of a drug, cypro-terone acetate, originally developed by the German pharmaceutical house of Schering in its search for a male contraceptive pill.

The pill is useful in controlling oversexed men. Upon taking it they find that their sex desires diminish substantially.

One university student from Birmingham, for exam­ple, who was driven to have sex relations at least 20 times a week, called upon Dr. T.S. Davies of Llanfrechfa Grange Hospital in Wales, asking for help.

"Sex had become almost his entire reason for liv­ing," Dr. Davies told Intelligence Report. "And naturally, he found that his extraordinary and com­pelling desires made life extremely difficult for him. He was in a constant search for compliant girls. We put him' on some cypro-terone acetate, two 50-milligram pills per day, and after one week his sexual desires began to decrease. Within one month he was having sexual inter­course only twice a week and enjoying it more, and, of course, living a more normal if not quite so exciting life."

The drug, according to Schering's biochemists, apparently suppresses the activity of the hypothal­amus, which serves as a message conductor from the brain to the sex glands. The cyproterone acetate blocks the number of mes­sages going through, there­upon reducing the amount of male hormones secreted into the bloodstream.

The drug has also been tried on sex offenders in jail and has succeeded markedly in reducing their interest in sex.

Oh, hell yes.  One of the greatest inventions of the 1970s.  Available in Canary Yellow and Shocking Pink.


Forget the microchip - here's a real technological invention worth mentioning.  The Rest-A-Phone - now that's progress!

This issue's Youth articles aren't so hot.  One is on Hungarian suicides and the other on how state college enrollments are down.  Without the draft, is it any wonder?

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  1. I thought Mad Magazine invented the the Rest-a-Phone based on an article from maybe the early 60s (?)

  2. My house was built in '77 and had two of those "Tot Finder" stickers [page 3] on the bedroom windows when we moved in in 2000!

  3. "The pill is useful in controlling oversexed men. "

    Really? Are there ANY OTHER kind ????

    Where are the "My Favorite Jokes" ?
    I thought they had those in ever issue back then ????

    Love these Gilligan. You are right on how they are a great look at the culture and history of the time.
    Please keep them coming.

  4. Interesting—Solarcaine is still around. I haven't seen an ad from them for decades.

    I might have to try making that grape juice cake. The world needs more grape flavored stuff. The original grape flavor Pop-tarts are back for a limited time, or so it seems. Hard to find, but delicious.

  5. I think I saw those Rest-A-Phone deals in offices. And I remember making those Tandy leather wallets in school. And also the International Harvester Scout. The Scout was the last light-duty truck IH made. It lasted until 1980 while the pickup and Travelall SUV ceased production in 1975.

  6. There were several phones with Rest-a-Phone attachments on them when I started at my current job back in 2000. Of course, we never throw anything away and it may turn up at anytime being used.

  7. Paul DucaJuly 02, 2016

    Isn't it a craft to seduce your neighbors' husbands?

  8. Hmmmm...gotta go get a slice of "Layer cake with Grapes" outta the fridge to get me through the next episode of Retrospace.

  9. Hmmmm...gotta go get a slice of "Layer cake with Grapes" outta the fridge to get me through the next episode of Retrospace.