Vintage Scan #53: Bachelor's Beat (March 28, 1969)

Are you ready for another issue of Bachelor's Beat - the newspaper that chronicled the bachelor paradise that was the 1960s? When you pore through these pages, gazing upon a seemingly endless array of go-go girls, live music, and swingin' cocktail lounges, remember that this is just Scottsdale, Arizona!  It was a different world, my friend.  A different world.

For the last issue of Bachelor's Beat I typed every word in the post.  This time, if you're interested in reading the whole enchilada, just download the PDF here.  Otherwise, I've scanned each page below (with a few close-ups).  Enjoy!


  1. Ah, the 1960s... when Ralph Furleys roamed the Earth...

  2. Fisk Ellington Rutledge IIIJuly 01, 2016

    I turned 16 around the end of this era, and some of us started trying to get into some of these places. We would usually be chased out, but occasionally we'd get in. The first "show" I saw was Morghanna the Wild One at the Purple Polka Dotted Scene in midtown Atlanta, Georgia. At the time that area of town was hippies, drug dealers, bikers and old-fashioned cool guys with slicked-back hair and unreadable tattoos. There was an air of tense coexistence, but it was great because in that neighborhood a lot of the liquor stores and dicey movie theaters accepted our patronage with no comment at all.