Vinyl Dynamite #68: Star Wars Moog

You couldn't construct a more blah cover if you tried.  Some airbrushed space ships would've been nice - but, no, we get plain white text on a plain blue background.

Album cover aside, this is actually a pretty interesting Star Wars relic.  I actually enjoy a good moog recording, and this has its moments.  It avoids being as bland as the cover and inserts some funky disco grooves along the way.  Anyone interested in Star Wars nostalgia should give this a listen.

Remember you can download the tracks as well as just stream theme.  Enjoy.

Side A

Star Wars Main Title

Princess Leia's Theme

Imperial Attack

Side B

Ben's Death and Tie Fighter Attack

Cantina Band

The Throne Room and End Title


  1. I've got the double album Star Wars/Close Encounters (I had the latter on LP) from Amazon Digital. Sadly it's no longer available...

  2. I had this and loved it! Thanks for finding this, it really takes me back.

  3. I had this too! My mom was so square she thought this was the actual soundtrack. For our 5th-grade Star Wars project 6 or 7 of us acted out a one-act sequel I wrote. The teacher played this as the soundtrack.

  4. Didn't have this one but had the 8-track of the Meco one with the more interesting cover.

  5. AnonymousJuly 04, 2016

    My ears are bleeding....

  6. I collected "Star Wars" records at the time and had this one. Also had an "Empire Jazz" that seems to be quite rare.

    Never a big Moog fan. By itself it is a little too simplistic. Sort of like the Casio music keyboards we had in the 1980s. Just the basic note and nothing else.