Vintage Wheels #27: 1980's Road and Track Cover Cars

Road & Track was literally one of the most defining publications for automobiles for decades. During one of the golden eras that is the 80s their covers contained some pretty awesome machines that were totally breaking ground. 

Continuing to educate gear-heads, or car enthusiasts depending on your preference of terminology, on the European car market and the ground-breaking designs that came in years that followed.

The Corvette Z51 was one of the hottest cars in the 80's and was a great way to turn heads. This cover was able to capture much of the appeal of the wicked ride.

While we mentioned the Corvette above, the Datsun 280ZX entered the U.S. market and had us all a bit confused. It was a Japanese car that was giving an American giant a bit of a run for their money. 


Album Covers #49: Stacked Wax

In Album Covers 44, we demonstrated the prevalence of the female booty on vintage vinyl; but let's not dismiss the power of cleavage to sell a record either. There is a seemingly unlimited number or old-school album covers which put the gratuitous mammary to good use.  The marketing strategy: Man sees boobs, man buys. record.   It's as simple as that.


Mini Skirt Monday #217: Cheerleaders (Part 4)

It being the Fourth of July and all, I thought I'd commemorate it with a patriotic Miniskirt Monday post... and what could be more American than cheerleaders?  In case you missed them, the links to the first three editions are below.  Happy 4th!


Catalogs #51: 1969 Gold Strike Stamps Catalog

Those old enough to remember the 1960s and 1970s will remember trading stamps.  For those that don't recall, upon purchase at the grocery store, gas station, or really an merchant, they'd give you a corresponding amount of stamps you could later trade in for stuff.  They were sort-of the rewards card of the day - they weren't necessarily linked to the store itself - but you'd go there because their sign would say something like "We Give Gold Strike Stamps".

You'd put your stamps in a book, and dream big dreams about the wondrous things you will redeem them for.  Will it be a hi-fi, a dinette set, a vacuum cleaner?  In a time before credit cards and when families actually stuck to a budget, redeeming stamps was a big deal.

So, I've scanned some pages from a 1969 Gold Strike Stamps catalog.  Basically, the merchandise in here could be found at your local Redemption Center; although you could redeem by mail.  Enjoy.

Artful Conception #31: Strategically Covered Nudity (Part 4)

Back in the day, when you wanted to show your male audience nudity in order to sell your book, record, magazine, or movie, you had to do some sort of self-censorship - unless you wanted to be fined, arrested, or relegated to the "adult section".

So if you wanted your cake and eat it too (i.e. show your male audience a naked chick, but not violate any codes), you employed various forms of strategically covered nudity (SCN).  This method has been utilized too often to count, and could get pretty creative with their scenery censors.  So, here's a heavenly hash of a alphabetical cover-ups from A to D .  Enjoy.