Album Covers #49: Stacked Wax

In Album Covers 44, we demonstrated the prevalence of the female booty on vintage vinyl; but let's not dismiss the power of cleavage to sell a record either. There is a seemingly unlimited number or old-school album covers which put the gratuitous mammary to good use.  The marketing strategy: Man sees boobs, man buys. record.   It's as simple as that.

Well, we could go on all day.  But we'll stop here.  Until next time!



  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2016

    Is that Elizabeth Ashley from "When Michael Calls" and one of my movie of the week favorites "One of My Wives Is Missing" on the cover of the Lenny Dee "A Man and a Woman" cover? Thanks, Leslie (and thank you for all the posts).

  2. I like how the Peter Smulders photo just gets right down to blatant business: Here are the tits!

    The Peter Lauch chick is incredibly beautiful. Lordy would I like to watch her make a casserole.

  3. Well if THAT is the games you guys want to play, then I believe model on the cover of Frau Wirtins Hitparade is Uschi Digard, early 70s porn star and shower girl in Kentucky Fried Movie.

    1. As in Catholic High School Girls in Trouble?

  4. Looking at the Op De Schuine Toer cover is like watching a friend's mom get dressed! No thanks.

  5. I thought I saw Uschi Digard in 14 of those covers! If anyone's worried that America has followed Europe into the Gomorrah of wickedness, note that Santana's "Abraxas" cd is still sold here with "modesty sticker" over Mati Klarwein's nude. In the 21st Century.

  6. Nice album covers. As far as a Fausto Papeti cover goes, the one above is kinda vanilla.

    But, I would love to see more of the beauty on the "Made in England 4" cover.

  7. All definitely cleaving to a certain concept of what Sells. Somehow, I would expect the Martin Denny cover more than the Percy Faith, but clearly nipples have been an inducement to Difficult Listening music to some degree for a while.