Vintage Wheels #27: 1980's Road and Track Cover Cars

Road & Track was literally one of the most defining publications for automobiles for decades. During one of the golden eras that is the 80s their covers contained some pretty awesome machines that were totally breaking ground. 

Continuing to educate gear-heads, or car enthusiasts depending on your preference of terminology, on the European car market and the ground-breaking designs that came in years that followed.

The Corvette Z51 was one of the hottest cars in the 80's and was a great way to turn heads. This cover was able to capture much of the appeal of the wicked ride.

While we mentioned the Corvette above, the Datsun 280ZX entered the U.S. market and had us all a bit confused. It was a Japanese car that was giving an American giant a bit of a run for their money. 


  1. '80s C4 Vettes were pretty much dogs. That TR8, however, is completely badass.

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    Not really related to this post but just a "thank goodness you are back" message - you were really missed the week or so you were gone. In case we do not say it enough thank you (THANK YOU)for all your hard work.

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  4. You know when you look at these magazine covers in comparison to the ones that we have now and bear in mind that these cars used to be the epitome of hot and happening in the car world, it's truly astounding how much has changed isn't it?