Vintage Styles #54: 70s Fashion Magazine Covers

When it comes to the 70s and high fashion, you can't help but to remember that the decade set a pretty high bar. In fact, some of the 70s styles still live on in clothing that we wear today. 

We are taking a look at some of the most popular magazine covers from fashion magazines in the 70s. You'll definitely recognize some of the names as they were publications that have transcended plenty of generations. You can start with the Vogue cover above.

 These magazines manages to capture some of the most incredible high-fashion styles and even some of the more inventive and lower-end fashion's such as the TEEN cover above.


  1. Please post Al Capp's Dynamic Short Story!

  2. I want to see the world's sexiest men in THROBBING color. (Cosmo)

  3. You can see how VIVA was in part a trial balloon for OMNI.