Reliving The Bettie Page Comics

Bettie Mae Page was one of the most famous pin-up models of the 50s. She was so famous that her likeliness was translated into a comic book character who found herself in titillating adventures. 

Darkhorse Comics was the publisher responsible for the Bettie Page comics that had the pin-up model in very skimpy outfits. She would unconsciously save the world on many occasions as she jumped around from shoot to shoot.

To this day one of the Bettie Page animations have been adapted to an animation style, interactive reading experience on the Darkhorse Comics website. You can check it out by clicking here. Check out some of the Bettie Page comic covers and photos below.


  1. Yeah, here's your first and probably only comment - whoever took over Gilligan's site is not up to the job.. Retrospace is being overrun with pop ups ads, banners and the like... SO _ Former fans, just as I am doing - we will all stay away. Sorry Gilligan - all thanks to you for the many years of real joy............. okay everyone.... watch the sun set............

    1. Gilligan is now putting content up at Flashbak.com under the name Yeoman Lowbrow.

    2. I always liked Betty Page.
      She seemed to be one of the few models who understood why she was in front of the camera.
      Not just a body, for a paycheck, Betty seemed to get it.
      That is why I always admired her.