Weird Ghastly Horrors Compilation Spotlight

When it comes to EC comics, those guys really knew how to churn out some of the best comics whether it be horror or one of their many genres, EC comics were exceptional.

Given that it is the Halloween season and we have been bombarding you with horror content, we decided to put the spotlight on one of the best compilations of EC Comics', "Weird Ghastly Horror: Forbidden Horror Comics of the 1950s."

The book features a compilation of comics from the 50s and they are all pretty spooky. If you want to check them out for yourself, the book is available here. You can check out some of the preview prints below, via AMAZON.


More Vintage Horror Comic Covers

Horror comics of the past featured some of the most terrifying, raw and intricate artwork prints. Today, with the new technologies, companies are able to achieve some pretty insane and quality prints, however, the stylings of the past are just too classic to pass up.

In fact, if you happen to be adapting to the digital age, it's pretty amazing all of the vintage comics you can find that are offered through devices like Kindles. Some of these comics have been adapted to a digital format where you can still appreciate the artwork without flipping through super old pages.

However, for many, the feel of one of these books in hand brings a feeling of nostalgia that is quite irreplaceable.


Vintage Styles #55: 50s Hats

In the 50s men and women had an elegant and classy style of dressing at all times. No one would dare wear sweatpants or jogger pants in public. A killer outfit in the 50s is considered dressing up today and when you wanted to add a little class to your outfit in the 50s, simple throw on an awesome hat.

When it comes to the ladies, nothing matched those awesome dresses than a little headwear to give it the extra boost of elegance. Below we have a couple of 50s-styled hats oh some pretty classy ladies.

All photocred goes to MyVintageVogue. What do you think about brining some of these styles back? Let us know in the comments section below.


Awesome Classy 50s Family Circle Covers

There was just something about the photo styles on the Family Circle magazines that screamed classics.

Now, years later we are taking some time to marvel at some of these amazing covers from the 50s family magazine that really celebrated what the embodiment of American families and lifestyle was in the decade.

The Family Circle magazine has evolved over the years and still manages to maintain its bright and classy demeanor. Check out these five awesome covers below.