An Ode To The '50s Chevy Bel Air

In the '50s the Chevy Bel Air was at the top of plenty of car enthusiasts wishlist. You know what? It still is on the top of some enthusiasts list as well as it should. 

The Chevy Bel Air was brought to the world in 1956 and in every form from the coupe, the Nomad to the original four-door this car was smooth in every way. There is absolutely nothing like seeing the mixture of curves and sharp edges as they met for an incredibly bold design.

You could even customize the car to reflect your own personality from hot rodding to an everyday family car that would make you the envy of your neighbors. 

PhotoCred: AlejandroLinaresGarcia


Awesome Vintage Conan The Barbarian Comic Covers

Conan The Barbarian was an amazing comic long before it was an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Roy Thomas managed to include some incredible stories in the comics meanwhile artists, Barry Smith and John Buscema brought them to life in vivid colors and illustrations.

From its initial releases in the 70s to now, Conan The Barbarian has managed to be a well-respected comic book classic that many have enjoyed. Conan was a leader and a well-respected fighter who overcame everything that was set in his path.

We grabbed some of the most awesome Conan The Barbarian covers for you to enjoy below.


The Elegance of The 50s Through Magazine Covers

There is no doubt that the 50s women knew how to put together elegant outfits and did so on a very regular basis. It's always amazing to look back and reflect on plenty of these styles that actually still exist today.

From sweaters to overcoats and those awesome hats, women's fashion in the 50s was pretty magical. There are plenty of brands and fashion icons out there who try to recreate these styles with a modern twist, however, you just can't deny the classics.

Check out some of the elegant fashions that paved the way for plenty more awesome pieces that came decades later.

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Celebrating The Beauty of Marilyn Monroe

In the 1950's there was no symbol of beauty that rivaled Marilyn Monroe. The actress and model was often held at outrageous expectations of beauty but seemed to meet them all in every appearance she ever made.

Meanwhile there are plenty of Monroe quotes that inspire the beauty in every human being. The most common one that comes to mind is as follows, "Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." 

She was a marvel to look at but had much much more to offer the world. We decided to feature a couple of her most famous magazine covers.


Four Hilarious MAD Covers

MAD magazine is an undeniable classic American humor magazine that included some of the most interesting and popular names in pop culture.

We discovered found absolutely awesome covers along with some hilarious and satirical messages that went along with them. The famous editor by the name of Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines were the masterminds behind the projects and for years they produced some absolute classics.

You can check out these four iconic covers that we stumbled upon.