The Elegance of The 50s Through Magazine Covers

There is no doubt that the 50s women knew how to put together elegant outfits and did so on a very regular basis. It's always amazing to look back and reflect on plenty of these styles that actually still exist today.

From sweaters to overcoats and those awesome hats, women's fashion in the 50s was pretty magical. There are plenty of brands and fashion icons out there who try to recreate these styles with a modern twist, however, you just can't deny the classics.

Check out some of the elegant fashions that paved the way for plenty more awesome pieces that came decades later.

(Images Via Pinterest)


  1. I must admit that the glamor of the COSMO, at least, takes a back seat for me in considering how John Fowles might profile Twiggy, what they were going to say about Japanese women, what Zap means for Redgrave, and which Highsmith novel or shorter work they were featuring in this issue...

  2. Of course, the COSMOPOLITAN is from the next decade, anyway...