Classic Dennis The Menance Comic Book Covers

While younger generations will remember Dennis The Menace from the films featuring, Walter Matthau, Justin Cooper, Mason Gamble and Don Rickles, generations before have been enjoying the hilarious encounters from the comics that date back to the 1950s and up.

The mischievous little Dennis was always keeping his neighbors on their toes, especially Mr. Wilson who seemed to be somewhat of an arch nemesis, at least until the two made up following the hijinks.

We found a couple of classic Dennis The Menace covers that pretty much highlight what the enjoyable comic was all about way before the 1980s and 1990s films. Check them out below.


  1. I believe I have seen the Covers 3,when I was boy ^_^

  2. Wonderful covers!Interesting to note that Dennis creator Hank Ketcham had little to do with the Dennis comic books. Al Wiseman was the primary artist, and he brought great verve and graphic excitement to Dennis' comic adventures. I don't know who took over the comics in the 1970s and later, but they were nowhere near as well done.