Classic Fantastic Four Covers

Unfortunately the Fantastic Four films did not live up to the awesome expectations of comic book lovers. So, what better way to celebrate the incredible comic book than looking some of cool covers.

The Fantastic Four is part of the Marvel universe and was created by the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It featured four altered human beings who possessed incredible powers.

There was the Invisible Woman/Mrs. Fantastic, Mr. Fantastic who had the rubbery skin, The Thing and of course, the Human Torch. Not to mention Dr. Doom and the Silver Surfer, who are very memorable characters.


  1. I'll second that about the FF movies not being equivalent to the comic -- especially the Kirby years. When I have to try and like a movie just because it's about a topic I love, then I know it's in trouble. You picked some goodies here. The Lee/Kirby team up on this title is what made me get up and shout, "Make Mine Marvel!" back in the day. -- An original MMMS Member

  2. Top cover: Pin-up of the Invisible Girl? What was it, a blank page?

  3. Same here, even have my large pin of MMMS.