Why Your Album Cover Art Still Matters in the Streaming Era

They say to "never judge a book by its cover", but let's be honest: we all do. It only makes sense to do so, as its the first and most powerful impression someone will get of what's inside. The same goes for album artwork.

But much like reading tablets and screens in the digital era we live in today, many still prefer the visceral experience of real books and vinyl records. There's something undeniably romantic about a physical copy of your favorite album, complete with stunning cover art that you can experience first-hand. 

You might think music streaming will be the death of album cover art and beautiful design, but not so fast! Just because an album is available to stream, doesn't mean album art doesn't still have a huge impact. 

Think of all the iconic records throughout history, and you'll understand why album art is still, and always will be, important to the world of music. 

Here's how to create stunning album artwork for your music, and why you should! 

What's Old Is New

Unless you live under a rock, you've likely noticed younger generations getting back into "old school" mediums like vinyl records. Once cast aside as a cumbersome, outdated method of enjoying music to give way to CD's and digital streaming, vinyl is back in style.

Vinyl record enthusiasts site album artwork, among other things, as to why records still hold a viable place in the digital-dominated world.

Album artwork has the power to not only grab one's attention in a sea of competing voices, but it also has the power to become a highly coveted collectible and treated much like other forms of fine art. 

That's why it's important to remember while making an album cover, that your design is really outstanding and eye-catching. You will be competing with lots of other amazing album art designs. Don't be afraid to think outside the box! 

Album artwork has enjoyed an iconic place in the music industry and it's not going anywhere in the streaming era. 

How To Stand Out With Original Album Artwork 

So, you've created your album and you're ready to become the next music sensation. If you're planning on releasing your album digitally, you might be tempted to forego putting a lot of time and effort in your album artwork. 

Here's why you shouldn't: album artwork, as stated, is still incredibly important. When designing your album art, take time to make it fresh and completely original.

Before designing your album artwork, you'll need to go on an identity quest and ask yourself who you are and who your audience is. What will resonate with them? What kind of image do you want to project? 

Totally stumped? Don't fear. There are loads of resources out there to help you, such as an album cover maker that allows you to create your own incredible album cover art for free. 

Final Thoughts

Don't let those countless, sleepless nights in the recording studio all go to waste on subpar marketing and boring album artwork. Let your album shine and set yourself apart in the digital streaming landscape with beautiful, collect-able worthy album artwork! 

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